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VK's Kaneya
07-29-2011, 10:24 PM
Projected Release Date: 08/13/2011
Next Control Review: UNKNOWN
Custody Classification: CLOSE
Next Custody Review: 01/01/2012

He says the 18th but he has a custody review on the 12 not understanding.. he plead guilty with no parole he sated his sentence in a state prison on 7-1-11 then he was moved to a closed state prison on 7/27/11 so is it possible that he will be out august 11 2011 he was sentenced 8 months i just dont want to get my hopes up to be disappointed. Hes all happy and stuff saying he is getting out on the 13 but whats a custody review??

07-30-2011, 12:00 AM
The Family and Friends Handbook
Page 10 explains:
"All inmates undergo routine custody reviews at which time their current custody is looked at to determine if they are appropriately assigned. Progression to a less restrictive custody grade is a privilege granted to inmates and is awarded by them obeying rules and meeting other mandatory requirements.

Other factors are also taken into consideration including pending charges, physical and mental health needs, risk to the community, risk to other inmates and staff, number and nature of infractions, and time since last infraction. Simple eligibility for promotion does not guarantee promotion.

What is custody classification and what are the custody levels?
Custody classification refers to inmates being placed into a custody level. Each prison facility is operated on one or more custody levels. Those custody levels are minimum, medium, and close."

From what I can see his projected release date (PRD) and tentative release date (TRD) is 8-13-2011, Saturday. Which is also his Maximum Release Date, so he will be getting out on that date.

He was sent to a Close Custody facility due to that's the Custody he was in when he was released before.

The Custody Review in Jan 2012 is an automatic listing for every Inmate - a custody review every 6 months, he will be released before then so don't worry about it.

As for being transferred closer to home, if there is a Close Custody facility near you then he may transfer to there, it may be the week before or the day before. Either way they will not tell you ahead of time for security reasons. But once he is at where he is going to be released if he has listed you as picking him up someone should call you giving you the information of when and where to pick him up.