View Full Version : Chat Tonight4/14 @ 9pm

04-14-2004, 06:13 AM


Let's try and chat again tonight. I see there is a lot of new members to our NY Forum and a lot of info needed from each other, so let's try to get the chat going again.

We will try to make it every week and hope that it runs in full force:ham: . Hopefully by mid May we can start having topics each week if we have a lot of members participating.

Note: If you do come to chat and see that there is a lot of members in the room,ask if you are in the NYkers Chat. If you don't get a response from anyone PLEASE DON'T LEAVE, click the arrow on the right next to Main Room and you will be able to get into the NY Chat. Members come in gradually so, don't think that we aren't chatting, just ask if there are any NYkers here.

Hope to see everyone there :) . If you have any questions please PM and I will try to get back to you before chat time.