View Full Version : Half Way There ???

04-06-2004, 01:57 AM
Ok Ladies, I dont write a whole lot around here because I find reading everyone else's responses is better therapy for me. But I sit here now in desperate need of some advice.

My man, is technically serving a life sentence but the way the judge set it out is that he should get out around 25 years. He will have 14 years served when November rolls around. I think of it as the half way mark really. I am young, I just tunred 24 years old in march and he is 31. I love him dearly. I met him while I worked in the institution. So I don't get visits, although they are letting me reapply next month(no garuntees). He is on a sentence for which he only did half of the crime. He did the robbery but not the murder that happened. I had(by marriage we dont talk anymore) a cousin who still works there and she has been bring home information to my father who is exchange is using these things against me. MY father is furious to say the least that I am communication with "someone in prison" He says "I am better then that" My father hasn't always been there for me and I get so frustrated. Last month he told me that i would be cut out of the family if i kept communication going with him. I did share these things with my man and he just answers with its just you and I, we are family, you dont need them. I need a loan from my dad which I will be paying back to him each month so I dont get sued in court next month cause they are goign to start garnishing my wages if i dont file bankruptcy this week. I haven't told my man about this last stint my father has pulled. I can't afford not to borrow the money from my father but I love my man too much to be so shallow to accept money from my father on the condition to stop talking with my boy. I have 2 days to figure this all out. My cousin is the part that I wish I could eliminate. She is breaking a lot of policies in order to get my father all of this information. How do I deal with this. I am starting to get really stressed about all of this, and its rough on my mind. I am starting to have nightmares and so on, its nuts. Anyone have any advice for me? Thank you!!!