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04-03-2004, 10:16 PM
St. Louis Correctional Facility
8585 N. Croswell Road
St. Louis, MI 48880

Main Phone Number (989) 681-6444
Information Desk: (989) 681-7134
Prison Fax Number
Fax Number to the Health Care Unit: (989) 681-7014

Visiting Information
You may obtain visiting applications in several ways.
A)Your loved one can send them to you.
B)You can pick them up at a local prison or the prison itself it is close enough for you to travel too. At St. Louis, you can ask for visiting apps at the Information Desk in the visiting lobby.
Once you have the visiting app(s) and have properly filled them out, you can send them to the above address and put it to the attention of your loved one’s Case Manager. You can obtain the name of the Case Manager either through your loved one, or by calling the prison Information Desk. For me it took approximately 2 ½ weeks from the time I put them in the mail to the day that I received my copy of the application back with the approval signatures on them.

Level III
Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Saturday 9:30 am to 9:30 pm

Level III Prisoners in General Population are allowed 6 visits per month. Only 2 of the 6 visits are allowable on Saturdays.
Visits on State Recognized Holidays are at 10:44 am to 2:45 pm.

Level IV
Monday Wednesday Friday 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Sunday 9:30 am to 9:30 pm

Level IV Prisoners in General Population are allowed 5 visits per month. 2 of those 5 visits are allowable on Sundays.
Visits on State Recognized Holidays are at 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Monday Wednesday Friday 8:30 am to 2:30 pm
Prisoners housed in Segregation (Administrative, Punitive, Temporary) are allowed 4 non-contact visits per moth.
Visits on State Recognized Holidays are at 8:30 am to 10:30 am

The following days are recognized by the State as state holidays, and are observed on the date they are observed by the state,

Visitor processing will end at 9:00 pm. A total of 5 visitors may visit at a time. Children less than 2 years old are not included in this number.

Rules Regulations and Procedures
No coats, jackets, hats or gloves. Blazers, suit jackets, and jackets to jogging suits are permitted if they are a part of the visitors current outfit.
Religious headwear is allowable but is subject to search.
Extreme tight or extremely loose clothing is not permitted.
Tube tops, halter tops, shorts more than 5" above the knee, and skirts, dresses, skorts or culottes more than 3" above the knee are not permitted.
Clothing, which displays obscene or inflammatory words, symbols, gestures, or pictures are not permitted.
Breasts, backs, midriffs, buttocks, genital areas and undergarments will not be exposed in any manner either by bare flesh or through transparent clothing.
Tanks and sleeves tops are permittable providing that the arm holes are fashioned so that breasts or undergarments are properly covered.
If a first time visitor is improperly dressed, the visitor will be issued a smock to wear over his or her clothing. The Shift Commander can make a final decision regarding attire.

Getting in to see your loved one
When you arrive into the parking lot, make sure you park on the left side in the area designated for Visitor Parking. Make sure your vehicle is properly secured. All doors are locked and all windows are properly rolled up. Any unsecured vehicles found after the visitor has been signed in and processed, the persons visit will be terminated. If your vehicle is found prior to your processing, you will be allowed to secure it. If your vehicle is "unsecurable" you will not be permitted to park in the facility's parking lot.

Slight warning, at the time of my visit, the outside air smelled of cow doodie, it’s not too strong, but definitely noticeable.

When you get into the building, walk up to the counter and take a number and have a seat. At this point you can go to the restrooms and/or go to the vending machines in the lobby to purchase Picture Tickets which cost $2 each. If you do happen to buy picture tickets you must take them up to the desk before you are taken into the back for the visit. The CO at the Info Desk will staple them to the paper work.
When the guard calls your number, walk back up to the desk and sign in and show the guard your ID. They will enter you into the computer and give you a locker key so that you may lock up any extra items. You must keep your ID with you at all times.
The guards will put input you into the computer and you’ll sit down again. When they are ready for you, they will call out the inmates last name, and escort you into the back. From there you will walk through a metal detector. Once you’re cleared there, you will get a visitors badge and they will mark your right hand with invisible ink and have you verify it by placing your hand under a black light. (They require you to place your hand under the light at the end of your visit. Without the mark, you cannot leave.) You will then be walked into a small room, where you will sit down, and remove your socks and shoes, and the guard will inspect the bottom of your feet, the inside of both your shoes and socks. You will then be patted down by a guard of the same sex as the visitor. Once cleared you’ll be able to turn the corner and walk over to the vending machines. You get one shoot at getting stuff from the machine, so make sure that you buy everything that you and your loved one and other visitors may want to eat or drink throughout the duration of the visit. There are 2 candy machines, a Pepsi machine (Sorry Coke drinkers, but they do have root beer if Pepsi isn’t your thing.) and they have a food vending machine. The visiting room does have a microwave with paper plates and plastic silverware. Up to three visitors are allowed to have a max of $15 each ($45 total) in quarters. (All change is required to be in a plastic bag, if you do not have one the Information Desk can give them to you.) The Lobby also has 2 change machines. Once you’ve picked from the vending machines, the guard will let you into the visiting room. If your loved one is already seated you may walk to where he is at and sit down. You are allowed one hug and kiss at the beginning and end of each visit. Throughout the visit, the inmate is allowed to hold hands and put his arm around his visitors. If your loved one has not been brought the visiting room yet, the guard will direct you to an assigned seating space. Seating areas are sectioned off into seats of six, 2 rows of three conjoined seats facing each other. Now, I was told that the visiting room is rather small, but to me I thought it was pretty decently sized. I didn’t count how many sets of 6 seats there are, but we weren’t asked to leave due to over crowding or anything of the like. The female guard on duty that day said that it was a rather busy day compared to usual (it was a Friday.) However, if overcrowding does become an issue, they have the right to terminate your visit after 2 hours UNLESS you have traveled 400 miles or more round trip to the prison.
Regarding Picture Tickets, There will be an inmate on work detail manning the Polaroid camera. You have a choice of three different backgrounds. One is of a meadow and river scene which is on the left back wall. The second one is on the front wall and is of a Light House, and the third is on the right wall and is of what I call a “Mystical Forest with a Rainbow.” During picture taking you are allowed to kiss for the picture, your loved one can hold you, hug you, you can sit in a chair and he can stand or crouch behind you. After all of your pictures are taken you both will sit down, and the photographer will bring the picture(s) back to once they’ve developed.
Each group is allowed one bathroom break. If you choose to take this break, you all must make use of the break at once. If at any other time you need to use the restroom, if you leave and come back it will count as another visit, UNLESS a particular visitor has medical documentation stating that they have medical reasons for having to frequently use the restroom. If this is the case, get a doctors note or documentation and take it to the information desk in the lobby. They will document this fact for that particular visitor and they will be exempt from the 2nd potty break rule. Inmates are allowed to use the restroom as well, and must get permission from the attending CO, I believe they will be escorted out of the visiting area and brought back. If the inmate leaves and come back due to a bathroom break, it does not effect visits. As far as use of the restroom due to changing a baby: When you arrive, they will require you to change the baby in their presence prior to entering the visiting room, they will inspect and dispose of the diaper and give you another one to replace. If the child needs to be changed a second time, it will not effect the visitations. For the children less than 2 years old, the adults are allowed to posses within the visiting room 2 clear plastic bottles, one pacifier, one single layered baby blanket. I am not sure, but I believe you are allowed to bring these items in a clear diaper bag.
The CO’s were really nice. They basically just sit there, and watch the room. I didn’t have any problems with them. For now I believe that is about it regarding visiting.

Number of prisoners Max Capacity is 1377.

Accommodation in the area:
There isn't much to St Louis, but Alma has a good bit more. I have stayed at the Comfort Inn and the Days Inn. I recommend the Comfort Inn over the Days Inn, just because it was cleaner. It is a stright shot on M-46 from these hotels. There is a little "motel" called Triangle Motel that is right off of 27 and very easy to find. It isn't the nicest or newest, but very clean and very affordable. The owners are super nice and there are mini-fridges and microwaves in the room, so if you are staying a little longer, I recommend this one. It is about the same distance, just requires taking Main St, I think, to get to M-46. Alma has a nice little downtown area that is a decent place to shop and kill some time before a weekday visit.