View Full Version : HELP: what can I mail to county jail?

04-05-2011, 10:46 AM
I realize there's a lot of info on what we can send to prison inmates, but I need some help with county jail info (my man just got in and is still waiting for jackson and then placement).

Of course there's no info on the Monroe County Jail website and every time I call I get a different answer. :angry: So here are some items I'm confused about:

1. Magazine articles- do they have to be photocopied or are that not allowed at all?

2. Newspaper articles- can I print them from a website or photocopy them?

3. Colored paper or fun stationary

4. Typed letters on colored paper

5. Pictures- is there a limit to how many?

Thank you!!!! :)

PS- my man says he's writing every day, but I haven't gotten anything yet. How often do they mail out and do they only receive letters a couple times a week? :confused:

04-09-2011, 11:50 AM
You would probably have to call the jail and ask them. My boyfriend is at Whitfield County Jail awaiting for the State to take Custody. Up there, he can only have 4 regular pictures, but I can print out as many as I want on regular paper and send them in a letter as long as they are in black and white. He can recieve as much mail as I can send, but other than that the only things I could drop off for him was a bible and longjohns. They are not allowed to have magazines, or books. Everything else must be purchased from the jail. I do print out articles I find on the internet to send with letters, so that is probably ok.