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His Sunshine03
03-25-2011, 09:24 AM
My husband was sentenced yesterday to DOC for 1 year and 1 day followed by a 6 month inpatient program. What happens now he is still waiting in the Seminole County Jail.... How long will he have to wait there before DOC picks him up? I just called ATT they are coming out on Monday to install the phone he already has the phone number. I have heard a lot of rumors that I canít talk or see him for 2 months. Is this True? How much gain time will he get every month? He had 51 days time served. I am so scared about him going to prison will they send him somewhere close? Put him in Max security it was only a VOP for Sale of Cocaine. Please help as I have so many questions that are unanswered.... Thank You

03-25-2011, 10:02 AM
The FL DOC will receive the judges signed orders that sentence him to prison. The FL DOC will process this and let the county jail know when to send him. Your husband will NOT be told when he is being sent to Orlando, to the CFRC. That stands for the Central Florida Reception Center. It took them two weeks to come get me from county jail. They usually wake an inmate up at about 3 or 4am, feed him and take him to transportation with all the other inmates from the jail that are headed to prison. The CFRC is NOT a nice place. It sucks. He will have to take off all his jail clothes there, get yelled at a lot, but on some prison blues, get fingerprinted, photographed, have blood drawn, talk to a psych. doctor (if necessary), issued an FL DOC ID...this is normal stuff the reception center does the first day. The first WEEK really sucks there. You have to take an education test, see classification, see dental, see medical, sit through another stupid "orientation" where they tell you the "rules" of the prison. There are a lot of inmates sitting around WAITING and WAITING and waiting. People become agitated and frustrated and all of that stuff.

You will NOT be allowed to visit him while he is there. And you will NOT be able to talk to him on the phone initially either. They only allow visitation at CFRC for inmates who are assigned to that facility....what they call "permanents". As for the phone, he will have to submit a phone list to his classification officer with the phone number, address and persons name on the phone bill. NO CELL PHONES. Getting a phone list approved can take a could take a really never know. Until his phone list is approved, he can not call anyone. How long he stays at CFRC is anyone's guess. I was made a permanent there and I spent 8 (almost 9) months in that facility. I saw guys there as little as two weeks, I saw guys there as long as 3 or 4 months. The REAL problem with that is there was NO VISITATION for those inmates. Those guys who were there 90 days or more were NOT "permanents" they were kind of in a holding pattern until they were shipped off to another prison. I had to do 6 years, that is why they kept me there so long.

As for his custody level and where he is sent to complete his sentence is anyone's guess. Custody level depends of criminal history, nature of charges, violent/non-violent...stuff like that. And as to where he goes...they can send him ANYWHERE they want to send him. Far away, close...who knows? Only the FL DOC has control over that. And, if he is only doing a year and a day...he will not have enough time in to get a transfer. Wherever he goes is where he will stay. He WILL receive all days served in county jail off of his sentence...even the days is he waiting for the FL DOC to come get him. EVERY DAY he was incarcerated (in county jail) counts as a day off of his sentence.

There is NO hard and fast rule for time frames and how long this takes and things like that. The FL DOC does things on its own time. Things happen when they happen with the FL DOC. Hell, I didn't even know my phone list was activated there until one day the LT. asked me if I needed to use the phone during a slow time at my laundry job...I figured it was not on yet, because I never received any type of notification that it was activated. Sometimes that is how things work. In fact MOST inmates there would hand in their phone list and keep trying to use the phone until it eventually worked. (They used to have a phone sign up sheet at CFRC as well, meaning you had to sign up for a time when you wanted to call home/whoever was on your phone list.) That way inmates did not get into fights over who was next to "use" the phone.

Most people do NOT stay at CFRC though. So, you can download a visitation form elsewhere on this website, and start to fill it out. But, odds are you will be able to talk to him WAY before you will be able to see him once he begins the prison process. Gain time is 10 days per month. BUT, the first month he won't get 10 days because he doesn't have a prison job, hasn't been in prison a full month, hasn't been is NOT as bad as it sounds. An inmate can EARN a lot of gain time in a year, but ONLY 54 days can be APPLIED (meaning subtracted) from the sentence per calendar year. For example, when I got out of prison...I had TONS and TONS of days in my gain time BANK over a six year sentence. I would earn (ideally) 120 days of gain time a year. (10 days a month) But ONLY 54 days would come off my sentence...meaning those other 66 days are just "BANKED". Stupid yes. But that is how it is.

As for his 6 month inpatient program after prison, I am sure someone else can help you better than I can with that. I saw (a couple of times) inmates who had the same type of sentence "after prison". And the representative of the facility would be there to pick him up when he was released. But, I have NO idea how that may work now. Hope this helps. :)

03-25-2011, 10:40 AM
Spin pretty much covered it all. Timeframes will almost always be approximate since the DOC gets it done when they get it done. My guy sat in county for nearly a month after sentencing was final; while he waited to be shipped out. Others were being sent out while he waited. Most likely placement since he's a diabetic.

He did the orientation are the reception center. He had the number already as well before he even got there (since we had to order home service in order to get calls and we had the # before the phone was hooked up) so he submitted that right off the bat and the day they were done with the 2week intake, he was able to call me because it was already approved. I sent money online to his inmate account so that it was already there when he was done with the 2wk intake.

You never know where they will ship them. Could be their background (mine had been in prison before so he had a prison file from his previous bids), could be where there is an opening, could depend on all sorts of factors. I never understand why people even try to think a loved one will be placed "close to home". This is prison. It's not summer camp. The DOC does not care about you or anyone else the inmate loves. Know right off that they are not there to make things easier for you to support him. Keep that in mind. Once you learn to worry only about the things you can change and learn how to work through the things that really suck but can do nothing about...the easier this ride will be. He is lucky, by the time he gets a routine in there....he'll be on his way home.

Good luck

03-25-2011, 07:23 PM
That year and a day stuff is such a load of poo! A way for the county to foist people off to the state.

Spin covered it well. Michael was actually shipped out the Friday after he was sentenced, so just about a week. He went to his permanent camp about 5 weeks or so later. His phone was on pretty quick and he called. I put money on his account the day he was taken (he had been to prison many years before so we had a DOC #). I wrote him a letter the same day and sent it out as well. I sent him a couple of envelopes and a few piece of blank paper and some stamps. So we wrote until he could call. He was initially minimum security. That can drop to community in as little as sixty days. It took a bit longer but I made sure they knew I knew. He dropped to community, got approved for work release and almost six months later went to work release. He was two hours from home and I was lucky. Pissed because there was a prison three miles from the house but that's the way it works. Work release he was just one town over and could come home. But I'm not sure if that can happen with the outpatient treatment. But he should ask. My hubby got four days the first "month" he was in prison (he was in about a week, go figure) and then two the next month because of a stupid CC. After that he got his ten every month. At reception they gave him his 85% date and he was released on that date because he got the time needed to do so. But that is not the date to bank on initially. Anything can mess that up. He did three months in county and twelve total DOC (half in regular institution and half in work release).

Go ahead and print out the visitor application. As soon as he calls you from his permanent camp (not reception) send it to that camp attention classification. If you know the name of the classification officer address it to him/her. We got a approved pretty quick. But every case is different.

~*~His Bella~*~
03-25-2011, 07:51 PM
I'm so glad I found this thread. My boyfriend was just sentenced this morning to 2 years with 8 months time served and no priors. The norm he was told to stay in county was about a month, but the time frame for Orlando sounds longer now compared to what he heard. He was under the impression it was only a few days :( He was also told about some release program in Orlando where they're going over score sheets and the inmates history such as time served & total sentence and sending them home, I'm assuming because of our overpopulated prison system. Has anyone else heard of this? I'm trying to stay positive with the recent announcement of several closures that it may help him and many others out in FL, but who knows.

03-25-2011, 08:05 PM
He was also told about some release program in Orlando where they're going over score sheets and the inmates history such as time served & total sentence and sending them home, I'm assuming because of our overpopulated prison system. Has anyone else heard of this?

My husband has heard (and possibly seen) a similar thing at his facility in Region 1.

~*~His Bella~*~
03-25-2011, 08:08 PM
My husband has heard (and possibly seen) a similar thing at his facility in Region 1.

That's promising then...thank you for sharing :)

03-26-2011, 12:25 AM
uh, I doubt the DOC will send anyone home early. there is no overcrowding problem.

anyways for all 10+ of my friends in the DOC. they all went to CFRC-MAIN besides one...that one went straight to RMC-MAIN.

the average was 5-10 days waiting in county before going to reception. majority stayed for about 5 weeks... one was there for 8 weeks before going to the perm prison.

03-26-2011, 09:44 AM
It may be information they have heard from

03-26-2011, 06:15 PM
It may be information they have heard from

Nope this wasn't grapevine information. It's based on things my husband saw and heard himself.

It doesn't have to be overcrowding that leads to some sort of release program. Even if they have the beds, it costs money to keep people in them. They have to be fed, clothed, given medical care, etc. How many man-hours are consumed doing paperwork on each inmate each month? It could be done as a budget cutting measure.

The press release wording never said they wouldn't release inmates. Just that they could close facilities without having to do it. BIG difference if you know anything about PR and spin.

And no I do not just want to believe this because I am grasping at straws regarding my own family's situation. The description of this program that I have heard rumored will barely benefit my husband (if at all) if it is true. Personally it doesn't make a difference.

I'm not saying it's definitely happening...but based on the evidence in front of me...I can't rule it out either.

ETA: Someone just posted in the News forum that her husband got told he was selected for an early release ankle bracelet program.

~*~His Bella~*~
03-28-2011, 05:25 PM
Can anyone discuss the average time they stay in county awaiting transfer? My bf was told 6 weeks the day he went in, but I know that doesn't mean anything. Obviously the sooner he goes the better so he starts gaintime. Do they allow visitation at reception? I've heard both yes and no, as well as no calls or letters.

ben's girl
03-28-2011, 05:35 PM
It varies from inmate to inmate. Some go the same week they are sentenced and some have said they had to wait up to a month.

No calls while an inmate is in reception. What may be confusing in the answers you are receiving is that inmates can receive visits at the reception centers under different circumstances. 1) if they are considered to be "permanent" inmates there and 2) if they are just passing thru on their way to others facilities. They cannot receive visits if they are still considered to be in reception. It is said that if they are still in reception that they can get a visit if it's been longer than 45 days. I don't know of anyone who has posted that their loved one has been in reception for that long and you would have to be immediate family for that to be approved from what I hear.

He will be able to make calls as long as your number is on his approved calling list and you have setup your account with Securus/CBS and are clear to receive calls. Once he's turned in his phone list, he can just try to call you whenever he gets a chance because he probably will not be notified his list was approved. Tell him to just keep trying until it works unless it's been a ridiculous amount of time since he turned it in. He can tell you in a letter when he did this too so you can also monitor in case you need to call about it.

He can write as many letters as he wants as long as he has writing supplies (stamps, envelopes, paper, pen). As soon as you get his DOC number you can send him all of the above except a pen. Or you can Jpay him some money and as soon as he is able to go to the canteen he can purchase it. See the Sticky thread in the FL mail forum for the mail guidelines on what and how much you can send in one envelope.

Warn him that his mail may take a little while to get to him at the reception center. They are notoriously slow at passing out mail and inmates often think their loved ones have abandoned him. He needs your reassurance that you are writing him and just be patient, I know easier said than done, but his mail will get to him eventually.

~*~His Bella~*~
03-28-2011, 05:47 PM
Thank you so much for the info!! He's been through county before from his initial arrest, but I want to make sure I can find out as much as I can for the next step to make it easier for both of us. I'm so worried about him, and the losing contact part is what I'm worried most about, for him more than me. I try to remind him about that phone list all the time, so when he finally goes, it's beaten into his head :thumbsup:

Thought of something else...are they allowed to take whatever items they have left with them to reception such as paper, pencils, etc?

ben's girl
03-28-2011, 06:03 PM
He should be able to take most of those things with him but officers love to go through their things and throw stuff away. One officer tried to tell Ben that he married and couldn't have his wedding ring. Yeah, ok, like that was gonna fly with Ben. Ben has a copy of our marriage license and as soon as he pulled that out the guy got quiet. Wonder why???? I've heard of officers tearing up pictures the guys had right in front in them. Ben tries to send as much home as possible when he's getting ready to move. If there is anything he wants back, I just send it back to him once he has actually moved.

I am Waiting
07-09-2011, 04:53 PM
Hello! My husband is being transferred from county, where he has been 7 months, on Monday. He'll be going to reception at Lake Butler. What should I do to get prepared?

Question 1 - I currently have a prepaid plan set-up through securus. I'm hearing conflicting things now about cell phones. I have a cell phone and he has been able to call since December. Will that change when he gets to DOC? Will he be able to call me?

Question 2 - Visitation. Will it be allowed at the reception facility? I have heard yes, and others say no. What should I expect?

Question 3 - Mail. Will I be able to send mail to the facility for him?

Question 4 - Should I place money on his account before he is placed somewhere permanently?

Thank you so much. I'm a little nervous and scared. I have no idea what to expect.

ben's girl
07-10-2011, 09:25 AM
I Am Waiting, I merged your thread with this existing thread because I think most of your questions will have already been answered:

Question 1: already answered in your post in the phone forum
Question 2: see post 12
Question 3: see post 12
Question 4: You can send money while he is in reception. There are a couple of ways to send money. Money order,, Western Union and MoneyGram. Using a money order is the cheapest (they only take .50 from the amount you send). charges you a fee based on the amount you send, but the money is in his account the next day. I'm not familiar with Western Union and MoneyGram but they are also fee based (WU is more expensive than MG from what I hear) but are also atleast next day service. You will probably want to use JPay at least the first time you send money so he'll have is quick.

And I'd like to make a correction to my statement in post 12 about no calls in reception. I was actually talking about visits in this paragraph and just typed calls instead of visits. Oops!

07-14-2011, 12:57 PM
wow that does seem like a long process. sorry to hear you are having to go through this, i also had a similar process that took a long time and was very diffcult to get completed. good post spin, very helpful :)