View Full Version : Extradition from Tucson AZ to WI, someone please help me understand WI!

03-03-2011, 10:30 PM

I am completly lost. My boyfriend who I refure to as my husband is currently being extradited back to WI, from az for abscounding from probation in CHippewa falls. He thought he completed his probation in 2007, however he didnt. The original charge was armed robbery, he served time and got probation. He did real well on probation as far as checking in and everything however did get messed up in drugs and admitted himself in a treatment program as his PO had adviced. In 2007 he moved to Cali, then to AZ where we met. Since then he has struggled to find work due to his background. The world really does make it hard for former inmates to sucseed in todays society. We ended up pregnant in 2008 had our little girl in 2009, he landed a good paying job in 2010 and was doing everything he could to support us and keep a roof over our heads. He is the greatest dad to our little girl and an amazing hubby! our life was finally going good when the police raded our house looking for him. He was at work when they did that (at christmas time) we then Hired a lawyer the next day and paid a bond for a child support warrent and set up automatic payments from his check for child support. We did call the police station up in Chippewa to find out what all was going on and thats when we discovered a warrent for probation violation.. aka abscounding. the lawyer said everything was taken care of and my hubby went back to work and on thursday the 10th of february the us marshals picked him up at work and now he is being extradited to wi. does anyone know how much time he could be serving? Will the fact that he has taken 2 piss tests in the last 6mo and came out clean benifit? or the fact he has our daughter and me to care for here in az help? the president of his company wrote a letter saying he was a very valued member to the company he was working for.. will this help to?... his parole officer is Shiela Hurts.. does anyone know what kind of person she is? I am just praying the courts look at the fact he has a family on the outside to care for, and has a son who needs the child support, and a good crime free life. I need him home more then ever!