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02-09-2011, 12:11 AM
My now ex-husband is being released in April on post release supervision. He and I are currently working on mending our relationship but I don't feel comfortable allowing him back into my home as soon as he gets released. His cousin has agreed to allow him to live with her when he gets out...problem is she lives 2 hours away from me. Can someone explain to me exactly how post release supervision works? Would he be allowed to come to my house some and maybe even spend the night some on the weekends as we work on our relationship? He really doesn't want to be that far away from me as I've had some medical problems lately so his cousin and I were trying to figure out if he could come to my place some and still be ok with his probation. I'm just not sure what the stipulations are for those on post release supervision. My ex seems to think he can go any where within NC and be fine but I want to clarify that before he gets in trouble again. :thumbsup:

I can't believe his 25 months is now down to 60 days! I never thought his release date would get here...when it all started it seemed like an enternity and now that it's almost seems like it has flown by. Funny how that happens!! Even though I divorced him last year, I never stopped loving him. I just knew I had to do this for two reasons....1 I had to take time for myself to heal so I could become a stronger person and I needed that time to be alone. 2) I had to do it to show him I meant business and I wasn't playing games any more. He needed to lose everything and start from rock bottom in order to see what his actions truly cost him. Since our divorce he started seeing a counselor and has dealt with some unresolved issues from his childhood...demons from his past so to speak that have haunted him since he was young. Counseling has really made a change in him that I never thought possible. His whole approach to life is different and he handles confrontation in a more positive way now...I think I might need to learn a few things from him when he gets out! LOL Any ways...sorry to go on and on but I haven't been on here in a while and I'm getting excited as I see the number of days ticking away!! Any info you guys can give me is much appreciated!!! :D