View Full Version : Someone please help me - probation violation

01-06-2011, 08:21 AM
So my bf was on probation and was violated back in october. The judge went ahead and made him finish out his sentence. I had been checking the NCDOC website for him as he didn't know the exact release date. So he calls me this morning, very upset. He is saying that he was given a paper this morning with his minimum and maximum sentence. Now it is giving him credit for time from October up until now. However, he did 3 months prior to this on the county farm and that is what they have not given him credit for. We're hoping that it's just a mistake. But just in case "someone" screwed up, who do I need to contact about this? And before I go getting upset and hell bent on getting it corrected, I should ask this: is he entitled to the jail credit for the first 3 months he did on the county farm? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

01-06-2011, 09:20 PM
See if I got this correct:

1. Committed a crime prior to Oct 2010, went to the County Jail (Farm), went to Court, and was put on Probation

2. Violated Probation in Oct 2010, went to County Jail, went to Court, and was sent to NC DOC

3. Was given credit for jail time from Oct to the time he entered NC DOC.

If that was the scenario, from what I see - the only credit he gets is from Oct. The previous jail time was waiting for his 1st court where the Judge gave him Probation - end, done.

In any case - he would only get credit if the Judge put it on the committment papers; if it isn't written, it won't happen.