View Full Version : Observation From A Prison Yard Part 2

10-09-2002, 07:40 AM
Hi Danielle, Just wanted to say that everything you wrote was beautiful! I hope You dont mind if I do a Part 2 to your Topic! I Too Look Around Everytime I am Up At The Prison With Stormy! Stormy And I Also Do A lot Of Walking Around The Prison Yard!! We Walk with our arms around each other and Talk about what our life is going to be like togethere once he gets out!! And Almost every weekend as we are walking I see Couples Fighting and Arguing and It Breaks My Heart To see that!! I also see small Children Running Up To There Daddys Hollering, Daddy,Daddy!! :) And I sit and Try to Imagine what It must be like From That Childs Point Of View to have to go and Visit There Daddy In Prison! :confused: Since I found Stormy again after 23 years and started Visiting Him, My eyes have been opened to so many different things that a lot of people in the free world have no idea even exists! I want to say that I am Truly Blessed to have found my First Love Again after 23 years, Even If He is in Prison!! We were talking last weekend about that and he looked at me and said, Patti, Imagine if I would have not been in Prison, what would have been the chances that our Paths would have crossed again?? And that really got me to thinking! All I know is that I Love This Man with All My Heart,Body and Soul!! I would not want my life to be Any different than what it is right now! Yess, The Man I Love Is In Prison, But that is O.K Because I am going to Wait On Him for as long as I have to! And As soon as my Divorce is Final, I am Going To Marry Him!! Well, I think I have went on Long enough, I just wanted to add my 2 cents in!! Take Care Everyone!!