View Full Version : Tallahatchie County Correctional at Tutwiler gets the ok to house out-of-staters

03-19-2004, 12:16 PM
2004 Legislature bill status

The Clarion-Ledger

Signed by the governor

MEMA: HB 742 authorizes MEMA to enter into long-term or multiyear leases of real and personal property with other state and federal agencies.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: HB 693 authorizes governing authorities in Louisville to make a certain loan for purposes of rural economic development.

CLARK BUILDING: HB 16 renames the 301 Lamar Street Building to the Robert G. Clark Jr. Building after a retired black state lawmaker.

PRISON BILL: HB 544, the Tallahatchie County Correctional Authority Bill, allows the private prison at Tutwiler to house inmates from other states after Alabama inmates left.


Thursday was the deadline for original floor action on bills and constitutional amendments originating in each respective chamber. Here is a sampling of bills that died and those still alive:

RURAL HEALTH: SB 2850 would allow rural hospitals to enter into agreements to purchase services collectively and pool medical equipment.

FETICIDE: SB 2869 would allow someone to be charged with homicide if he or she terminates a woman's pregnancy at any stage.

VOTER ID: SB 2250 would require voters to show identification at the polls.

CHIROPRACTORS: SB 2510 would allow chiropractors to call themselves physicians.

ELECTIONS: Senate Concurrent Resolution 554 would change the way the governor is elected.

GAY MARRIAGE: Senate Concurrent Resolution 514 calls for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Senate Concurrent Resolution 519 urges Congress to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriages.

MEDICAID: HB 1434 would allow the Medicaid program to bulk purchase prescription drugs. The Senate has passed its own plan, removing 65,000 disabled and poor elderly people from Medicaid. Officials said about 59,000 of them would immediately become eligible for Medicare. The House plan leaves the disabled and poor elderly on Medicaid.

WORK FORCE: HB 973 calls for consolidating work force training programs to promote efficiency.

PAY RAISE: HB 1429 would require Mississippi counties to give raises to sheriffs, Justice Court judges, county supervisors, prosecuting attorneys and other local officials.

TASK FORCE: HB 789 creates a Mississippi Juvenile Justice Task Force to assist in the settlement of a federal lawsuit regarding conditions at two Mississippi training schools for youths.


RETIRED TEACHERS: SB 2600 would have allowed retired teachers to return to the classroom without losing retirement benefits. This bill was sent back for more work to doom it.

OFFENDERS: HB 405 would have reduced the reimbursement to counties for holding state inmates in county jails. ELECTION: House Concurrent Resolution 48 would have amended the state Constitution and abolished the requirement that the governor be elected by a majority of popular and electoral votes.