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03-06-2004, 03:40 AM
I don't know if anyone caught Susan McDougal's interview on "On the Record" hosted by Greta Van Susteren (Fox News) last night about what Federal Prison is like but it was B.S.!

She was making women's federal prison out to be some hell hole.. My girlfriend, who was at the exact same place, was laughing throughout the interview at Susan's version of prison life there. She didn't like it but it wasn't at all how she painted the picture.

I did a search on Susan's stay based on her refusal to testify against the Clinton's regarding the White Water investigation in which she was a partner of the Clintons, I believe..

Susan was at the camp at FMC Carswell and that place is one of the best federal prisons camps in the system for women..

She stated all sorts of violent incedents, such as while she was being issued her clothing some lady raised up her hand with a pencil in it, trying to attack her? She stated "they later found she had mental issues".. ...and some old lady cut in line mistakenly for the phones and another inmate almost beat her to death with the receiver. What the hell, did they have 8 foot cords where you can beat someone to the ground or follow them around? Where I was (as at the camp at Carswell) the phone cord is not very long. I have never heard of someone trying to beat someone down with a phone receiver, though it could possibly happen. Another things is most people at the camp are not looking to get shipped behind a fence over something like this, though again, it could happen.

I'm not trying to say that federal prison for women is cup-cake-camp where nothing bad ever happens but she was so pathetically sensational about it..

Susan, if you ever read this... Lady, you didn't have it bad at all.. Quit trying to hype things up..

Ok.. that is my rant for the night.. I just don't like people sensationalizing something like this.. Stick with the facts.. Not something geared at selling your book and things that you endorse.. (Yes, she has a book coming out about it)

03-06-2004, 03:55 AM
Here is what I found:

Susan McDougal heldin Fort Worth prison

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Federal marshals moved Whitewater figure Susan McDougal from an Arkansas jail to a federal lockup Thursday to continue her incarceration for refusing to answer grand jury questions about President Clinton.

Clinton's former business partner had been housed at the Faulkner County jail in Conway since Sept. 9 after a judge cited her for contempt.

Sheriff Bob Blankenship said answering requests for media interviews was a drain on the departmentnnw. He asked the U.S. Marshal Service in an Oct. 17 letter to move her.

rretsubrcunrsOn Thursday, federal officers flew McDougal to the Federal Medical Center at Fort Worth, a low-security federal prison camp at the former Carswell Air Force Base.

03-06-2004, 10:51 AM
I guess she was doing the rounds of the talk shows last night- she was on Larry King show too talking to Nancy Grace about the horrors that await Martha Stewart at prison- same stories that you mentioned- a dear little old lady with her hair in a bun, beaten with a phone etc. Now that you said she has a book coming out it all becomes clearer ...

03-09-2004, 12:55 PM
There you have it.... The 'Book' coming out.

You got to sell the book. So the more dramatic, dark, evil, horrendous, dangerous, etc. that she can make it, the more money that she will earn. If she told the truth, ie., 3 meals a day, phone, tv, reading, the mind numbing routine, it would be a rather drab book to read. Again, to echo what Fed-X wrote, I do not mean to imply that her life was a piece of cake, but it wasn't Excape from NY either.

It boils down to the Money - book deal - sales.....

03-09-2004, 01:58 PM
What a joke. I was in Carswell and there is no way you could beat someone with a telephone receiver. People like Susan McDougal make me so angry. Its not a pleasant place, but for God's sake, its not like your tortured or you have to worry about being beat up every day. Carswell was actually pretty nice as far as camps go! IN all my 4 years in Federal prison camps, I saw only 2 incidents of violence. How I would love to dispute what she was saying right to her face. I'll never buy her book.

03-10-2004, 03:45 AM
I would really like to hear more about your experiences.. It is time the world know more about the TRUTH in FEDERAL PRISON.. Not the "Club Fed" story, or the Susan McWhatever story.. The nekkid, unadultrated truth.. My girlfriend did time at Carswell and a few other places so I know most of what they are saying is complete BS based upon her reports and that of a lot of other people I have met.


03-10-2004, 09:03 AM
Matt Apuzzo is a reporter from the Associated Press based in CT is doing a story on Women's Prisons. He did a websearch, located PTO, and then searched the forums for information on women's federal prison camps. He contacted me and asked if I would speak to him regarding my experience at Alderson. I have also been contacted by Penelope Patsuris of Forbes Magazine who wrote "Best Places to Go to Prison". As I told both of them, I do not know what Susan McDougal experienced in prison. I can only talk about my experiences while I was at Alderson. In comparison to county, regional and state facilities, if you have to do time, then Alderson is the place to do it.

03-10-2004, 05:12 PM
Good.. Hopefully the truth will start to get out there. ;)

03-10-2004, 06:23 PM
This subject makes me so angry! I'm so tired of people sensationalizing this subject in the media!! I spent a total of four years in the federal system. I was in FPC Carswell, FPC Lexington, FPC Alderson and FPC Bryan. Contrary to what these so called "experts" are spouting on the news, the federal prison camps for women are not that bad. Prison is no fun, don't get me wrong. You must follow the rules and do what is asked of you. You may not agree with these rules for whatever reason but regardless you must follow them. You have to work 40 hours a week. I had some very good jobs while I was in. I graduated from the Library Assistant vocational training program in Alderson and was a librarian and in Bryan I was a GED tutor for special learning needs students. That was one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. Lexington is a small satellite camp and did not offer much in the way of programming, but Bryans programs were excellent. You can attend college, computer aided drafting, cosmetology and horticulture. Your experience in prison will be what YOU make of it. Some things in the federal system are not fair, granted, but as far as the camps for ladies there is not a whole lot to complain about. There are 4 to 5 televisions in the units. There are movies on the weekends. There are contests and games, such as bingo. At Alderson there is rollerskating in the winter. Does this sound like torture? I think not. Yes it is difficult. You have to be away from your loved ones. You only have 300 minutes a month to use for the telephones. It is uncomfortable. But there are truely lovely ladies there also. ( guysgal I am referring to you!) Most of the women just want to do their time as easily as possible and go home. All this talk of the constant violence that one is subjected to is simply false. Most of the women are better at using their mouths than their fists! I never once felt threatened or intimidated while I was inside. Just because Karen Bond had one bad experience and Susan McDougal wants to sell her book doesn't mean that it is really like that. I know several ladies here at PTO are getting ready to go to federal prison and I'm sure you are nervous enough as it is. Please don't believe what you are seeing on television. It makes me angry that there are a select few who will sensationalize this issue just further their own cause and to sell a book. Sorry for going on like this but I feel the truth needs to be told.


03-10-2004, 08:31 PM
I've actually read Susan's book. Although in one place she uses the term "camp," she was not in the minimum security camp at Carswell. She was behind the fence, in a mental health unit. She had not been diagnosed with a mental illness, but they said they were afraid some political people might try to fly in a helicopter to help her escape. During most of her time in prison she was in detention centers and contract jails. Her descriptions in the interviews she has done sound fairly accurate considering where she was incarcerated, but she is the wrong person to ask about minimum security camps. At no point was she actually in a camp.

03-12-2004, 04:31 PM
As one of the "experts" that did a lot of interviews after the Martha Stewart verdict I was amazed at what some of the ex-inmates were saying. Don't get me wrong - I know that there is no club-fed but on the other hand having been in prison AND having done consulting for seven years never once has any of my white-collar clients had any trouble unless they did something really out of line. I've been really fortunate in that I have met several of the more publicized white-collar types in the past five years and have maintained relationships with they and their families during their incarceration. Never once has any of them had any trouble whatsoever. Perhaps that is because they are respectful of others, mind their own business and do what they can to help other inmates. I actually received a piece of Email from a person who claims to be a "prison reform" advocate who ripped me up one side and down the other for having the audacity to say during an interview on MSNBC that one of the best things an inmate could do while serving time was to find a less advantaged inmate and share with them -share their skills, interviewing skills, how to write a resume - anything to help that inmate increase their chances of doing well in the free world. This person made it clear to me that people like me - and apparently other posters on PTO - made her life "a living hell" because I "sugarcoated" the truth. She went on to say that inmates never shared as they were so worried about thier day to day survival. Another person in this organization was quoted in this week's issue of People Magazine referring to most inmates as "scum of the earth" - says a lot doesn't it?

03-16-2004, 05:00 PM
I think things vary from camp to camp. Where I was there was quite a bit of "casual" violence, both by inmates and by guards. On the other hand, some of the people I met there remain good friends after a number of years.

03-22-2004, 06:47 PM
Since I have a daughter scheduled to surrender in April, the timing of all this media hype is very unfortunate. We were/are trying to educate ourselves on what to realistically expect and this creates more uncertainty. These ladies are certainly not helping individuals in our situation.

03-22-2004, 11:22 PM
I just read her book, and I've gotta ask if the cell she was describing in the Twin Towers Jail here in L.A. is real... Sounds too science-fiction. For those who haven't read it, she described a cell without bars, but *thick* floor-to-ceiling edge-to-edge plexiglass that was so thick, inmates on the other side of it shouting at her couldn't be heard inside it - she claims she could see dayroom life outside her cell but hear none of it, completely disconnected.


10-27-2004, 03:32 PM

Boy, I hate to say this, but given who she was, I think S.M. might have been singled out for unusual treatment, if she was placed in a mental health unit. That might explain her interview.

Interestingly enough, the place she hated the worst was our dearly beloved LA County Jail.

I hope we can all agree that we're glad she's out?


11-11-2004, 09:11 AM

I just want to say that people feel experiences in different intensities. An experience that seemed manageable by some maybe described monumental by others. It also depends on how objective someone is. Some people are natural drama spinners and others less dramatic. I am thinking that SM was coached in what to say and how to paint the picture of womens incarceration; part of media's goal I guess. Although I would not have done it the way she did (did time in fed prisons) I am reluctant to rush to judgement. Peace