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03-04-2004, 09:23 PM
I am 26, female, live in AZ, have a 6-year old son, and I am a first year grad student at ASU. I am working on my PhD in school psychology.
I got married at 17, and have come a long way since then (I was a highschool dropout). I graduated from ASU's honors college magna cum laude in 2002, and was accepted to the PhD program in school psychology. The relationship with my ex-husband was abusive, and took me a long time to get out of. Last December (2002) I finally broke away from it for good (we had divorced in '99 but were still seeing each other). Last spring, I met this guy named Kory. He treated me like a princess. Also, my grandfather (who raised me passed away, and he supported me through this). About 2 months after I met him, we decided to "get away" for the weekend to San Diego. I was still upset about my grandfather, my old relationship, and my future (since I had taken a year off of graduation and was not sure if I was accepted to grad school yet). While we were there on vacaon, I noticed this man was not all he seemed to be. He used methamphetamine, for one, and seemed kind of shady. SO, we decided to go back to AZ. It was late, and he was driving while I was asleep in the passenger seat (it was my car). I woke up to us getting pulled over (he was speeding). Well, he ended up getting arrested, because he had a suspended license (I later found out for a DUI he had in the past). THe police told me they were arresting him, and that I was free to go. The man I was with told them to give me his wallet for "safekeeping." So, the police officer came over and said "I am going to count the money out to you that he has in his wallet for both of our protection." He opened the wallet, and took the money out, and we both realized it was counterfeit! This made the cop mad, and he said "what do you guys have going on here?" and started to search the car. He found more counterfeit money in the guy's suitcase, and arrested me. ANyone who knows me know that I am not a criminal, and I truly did not know he was doing this. Besides, I don't need the money. It was not like he was operating this big counterfeit currencey operation; he had just copied on a scanner/printer/copier 7 $20 bills. I know this was wrong of him, but the point is, I did not know he had these! To make a long story short, my lawyer advised me to plead guilty to possession of counterfeit currency (since it was technically in my car) and that the judge would see I have a very minor role and I would get probation and be able to get on with my life. Well, I was sentenced in Nov. - and almost fainted when I got sentenced to 366 days in prison. The prosecutor told the judge that since I was much more educated than the other guy (he just has a H.S. diploma), that I was the mastermind behind the scheme, and that a person as smart as me would not hang out with someone involved in that stuff unknowingly and without intent. The funny thing is, everyone who knows me knows how emotionally insecure and naive I was at the time I met this man (Prior to meeting him, the only relationship I knew was with my ex-husband). I really do not feel I should go to prison. I would never jeopardize my future over a couple of fake $20s! (by the way, he got sentenced to 2 years). I was originally supposed to self-surrender on Jan. 5, but got an extension because with the help of a new lawyer, I was going to fight the sentence. Now, I am supposed to self-surrender March 15, but I am hoping to get one more extention until May 15 so I can finish this semester. But - the lawyer does not know if the judge will grant that. She seems very biased against me. He told me she would be more likely to grand the extension if I stop fighting the sentence she gave me and just go and do the ten months (which is what it will amount to with good time). Otherwise, he said, she is likely to say "fine, if you want to fight this still, then fight it in custody" on March 15, and will incarcerate me then. So, since school is the most important thing in the world to me, and I want to finish this semester, I said Ok, I will stop fighting it if I have a chance of being able to finishe this semester. So, I was designated to the camp in Phoenix. I am scared - nobody I know or in my family has ever done time before - and I am a very shy person. Can you give me all the info you can about what goes on in there??? Does anyone know anything about FPC Phoenix?

03-05-2004, 06:20 AM

((hugs)) I'm glad you found PTO... Others will be along to share what that facility is like, but I just wanted to say we're here for you and hang in there....


03-05-2004, 11:12 AM
I also understand what the consequences can be when becoming involved with a "shady" man. That is why I am looking at 41 months myself. I have never been in trouble before either. I wish you the best of luck and know that you are not alone. Keep your head up!


03-05-2004, 04:52 PM
hi Jamie,

I used to think that honesty and truth prevailed, now my understanding is that bad things happen to good people and when it happens we have to find our inner strength. I can't imagine why this had to happen to you but I am a believer that in some way this experience will be used by you at some point in your life and you will know at that time that even as hard as this was, you wouldn't be the person you were meant to be without it having happened. However, I know that is little consolation to you at the moment. My boyfriends situation has taught me that we can get through, even when innocent. Anger, and bitterness don't help you through it, I hope you have faith because I know for us that has been our strength. I am so sorry this happened to you, and I wish you peace and safety.

03-05-2004, 08:52 PM
Jamie: Your story gives me chills. I am so sorry that you got caught up in this mess. I hope throughout this ordeal, you can keep focused on how far you've come--you are obviously very self-motivated and self-reliant. I have two parents with PhDs and I understand how hard it is to get accepted into those programs and complete those degress, so kudos to you for all of your accomplishments. I know there will be many more. I will send you thoughts for peace while you deal with what lies ahead in the near term.

03-05-2004, 11:04 PM
This is unfortunate. I am so sorry that the circumstances took you to places you never thought you would be. Prison is a learning place. You will come out a wise, aware and insightful person. I don't know very much about Phoenix FPC but I have been to a federal camp. Some people think it's easy time. True, if you compare it to medium or high security facilities. Yet, each day in prison is a day without being free and independent. Keep yourself as busy as possible in there. Make yourself useful to other women. Time is on your side. Keep your head up. Peace.

03-24-2004, 03:45 PM
i know im going back for sure i ran from the gate and now its my time to go face the board...