View Full Version : Help??Questions?Advice? Court date keeps getting postponed.

05-27-2010, 02:44 PM
So My boyfriends has been in since Oct of last year he got charged for a felony hit and run. at first it was just that and the deal was 2yrs then 3 months later they droped that case and refiled but this time with another charge wich was a greatbodily injury. My Concern is the followin. He's beem in for almost 8 months now. and there finally taking it to trial. his deal is 7yrs his max is 11. So we been going to court for the past 3 days and they just keep postponing the date. Tommorrow we will finally be 30 of 30. and his Public defender might not even be ready because he says he has another case going on that has more priority over my boyfriend. So im wondering what will happen? if Tommorrow his public defenfer is still not ready to take it to trial even though is 30 of 30 can the case get dismisedd or how exactly does it work.

im just so stressed over this because im currently 9 months preggnant and due anytime. and i really want daddy to come back home a.s.a.p! but even though at times we pray and keep our hopes up it always seems that we have to go back to court and nothing ends up happening just postponed to another day!!

7yrs seems like forever.... and 11 even worseeee.... can someone please help me in any way possible thanks!