View Full Version : Help With Transportation to Millhaven

02-01-2010, 04:15 PM
HI i currently live in Kingston,Ontario and i moved here because my husband is serving a sentence in Millhaven for a long time..unfortunately...I was using a service called Bridge House and as of this past weekend they have gone out of service and because i do not drive i am not able to get out to millhaven to see him. I do have our daughter who is 2 yrs old and it is very important to me that she sees her dad every week because he has never held her or had a father relationship with her so there visits are very special to them..Im hoping that someone can maybe pick me up on there way to millhaven i live about 15-20 mins drive to the jail but to cab it there and back every weekend would be way to expensive. i have no problem offering someone like 20 dollars or so to bring me and my daughter out there... a friend told me about this site, so im hoping to maybe get a little bit of luck with pretty flexible with my times when i can visit so we can co-ordinate something together im sure.. if you are driving out there or know of someone that is pls pm me.. i usually like to go once a week but like i said im totally flexible and am willing to pay...thank you so much