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02-10-2004, 12:26 AM
I was sentenced to one year and one day.

I am scared and have very little clue as to what I should expect ... although after reading one of the threads below ... I am much more informed than I was.

I have a week left until I turn myself in ... so if anyone has any info they think would help ... I'd be extremely grateful.

I wear contacts ... will this be a problem? Do I need to go get glasses before I go in?
Also ... since my sentence is short ... is there nothing I can do to get time off?

From the description I just read ... it doesn't sound like I will be able to just roll up in a ball and sleep off my depression for the first week when I get in there ... boy, I was sort off counting on that ...

Oh well. Thanks in advance for any input ...

02-10-2004, 06:22 AM
Cass, you probably should get glasses before you go. My girlfriend also wears contacts but did not even bother taking them with her to Bryan. As far as curling up no you will not have time for that but you will stay busy which will make the time go by faster. My best advice is try to keep a positive attitude and remember that Bryan is one of the best places you could have been sent. Best of luck and I know you will be fine. Irronically enough my girlfriends name is also Cass. :)

02-10-2004, 07:37 AM
I am glad that this forum has at least giving you more insight on the matter.

best wishes to you and if you need anyone to write to, just hollor

02-10-2004, 10:57 AM
Thanks guys ...

CHoffer ... your girl is in the boot camp? I probably won't get to meet her then ...

Ugh! Glasses are going to give me a headache.

02-10-2004, 05:01 PM
No you wont be able to. SHe will be home in April and "Campers" and Boot Campers can not have any interation. Best of luck to you.