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A Grieving Father's Nightmare

It was in the early morning hours on January 20, 2002, Dwight "Nick" Davidson's nightmare began when his daughter, Alexa' Nicole Davidson, stopped breathing in his arms. Alexa's mother had just taken her to the Emergency Room for failure to feed and inconsolable crying. She was discharged from the hospital just 54 minutes before her last breath, as a "healthy, spoiled baby."

After the mother arrived home Alexa' stopped breathing in her father's arms. Alexa' was rushed to Gateway Medical Center and transferred via life flight to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville, TN.

The medical staff's findings were that Alexa' had severe "Shaken Baby Syndrome." They found old broken ribs missed by the Emergency Room and a closed head injury, they claimed came from severe shaking. They found an old healing fracture to her left tibia and an intra osseous line in her right tibia. The doctor's also noted Sub Dural hemorrhage, Sub Arachnid hemorrhage, Cerebral infarcts. The next morning, Doctor's at Vanderbilt declared Alexa' "Brain dead." Nick never realized he was about to face not only loosing his first born child, but a fight to save his own life.

Just over 24 hours after Nick witnessed his daughter's final breath, he was arrested. With no physical evidence, armed with nothing more than a theory and inconsistent recollections given by the mother of the events surrounding her daughters death, the prosecution began targeting Nick as their number one suspect. Alexa' was disconnected from life support one hour after her father's arrest. He was completely denied his right to say good bye to his daughter.

Nick began a battle that has now lasted two years. He fought with grief in his heart to prove that he had done nothing to hurt his daughter.

The investigation that surrounded his daughter's death lasted only 30 days. It began with the medical diagnosis given by Vanderbilt Hospital and ended a 31 page interview that Alexa's mother gave in exchange for "immunity against truthful statements."

The prosecution ignored several medical mistakes and the mother's inconsistent statements. Driving on with their theory that Nick had snapped on his daughter, due to bent up tension from serving six months overseas, in the 20 common sense minutes he had his daughter in his care, while her mother took a shower.

The Emergency Room missed the old rib fractures, although the doctor had Alexa's chest X-rayed. Gateway Medical Center noted that Alexa' had a "slight cardiac enlargement." Vanderbilt University also reported that Alexa's heart seemed "slightly enlarged," but did not do further medical testing to rule other medical reasons for Alexa's heart to be enlarged. The doctor's ignored the intra osseous line in Alexa's right tibia, a possible sign of brittle bones. Vanderbilt missed a linear skull fracture and had misdiagnosed Alexa with retinal hemorrhages. The medical examiner reported in his autopsy that Alexa had "no retinal hemorrhages," he reported that she had optical nerve damage. The medical examiner noted that Alexa had a swollen, movable lymph node in her neck but did not include whether or not he had removed and tested the lymph node for possible signs of infection? The heart was donated, so was not present to be examined during the autopsy.

The medical staff and examiner did nothing to explore other avenues in connection with Alexa's death. The possibility of the vaccine connection or other disease, that mirrors Shaken Baby, was not explored. There was no bruising over Alexa's torso, where they claimed she was squeezed so severely as to cause broken ribs. There was no evidence of squeezing present on her body. The medical staff made no notation of a contusion or even a bump on the back of head from the skull fracture. They actually noted there was "no skull fractures," even after proper testing that included a CT Scan.

At Nick's trial in March of 2003, the doctor's who made these medical mistakes and the mother who continued to make inconsistent statements testified against Nick. He faced two indictments; One count for Aggravated Child Abuse and Count Two for Murder One, punishable with 60 years in prison, a life sentence without the possibility of parole. The only evidence the prosecution had against Nick was circumstantial. Circumstantial evidence that could have supported many other theories as to what happened to Alexa'.

The trial lasted only two in a half days. The jury deliberated for three hours, and returned a verdict to a lessor charges of Reckless Aggravted Assault and Criminally Negligent Homicide. Nick was sentenced to three and one half years at 30%.

Reckless Aggravated Assault


A person commits irritated assault who, being the parent or custodian of a child or adult, intentionally or knowingly fails or refuses to protect such child or adult from an aggravated assault or aggravated child abuse.

Criminally Negligent Homicide


Criminally Negligent conduct, in Nick's case failing to protect his child, results in death.

During the sentencing the judge said, "I see no evidence that you did this." Several times during the trial the judge said that there were two parents present during the time Alexa' stopped breathing and that Nick was "ONE" of them.

Nick took on the prosecution with no expert witness. Most have referred to this as "suicidal." Nick's family could not afford an expert. They had to have faith in the system and in the truth. The jury found him guilty of failing to protect his daughter. He sits in prison with no idea of whom or what he was supposed to be protecting Alexa' from. The prosecution makes absolutely no effort to solve the mystery.

Many have described Nick's outcome in his case as, "Lucky." At first this was insulting to us, but as we further study into the epidemic of false "Shaken Baby" cases we realize indeed he was very lucky. The prosecutors tend to feed off the emotion of the words, "Baby Murderer."

Until I have begun the research in Nick's case I am not so sure I would have been able to let some of these parents walk away either. The public is completely uneducated on "vaccine link" to "Shaken Baby" or the lack of protocol to rule out other medical possibilities. It is left up to the medical staff to make efforts to find other explanations as what else could have caused such injuries to a child. This needs to change. The medical profession needs to establish protocol in these cases to rule out all other possibilities for these children's injuries. Innocent parents all over the world are suffering. There will be many more in the future as long as the system continues to take a blind eye to true justice.

If the medical field and the prosecution is continuing to label Alexa's death a murder, we demand they find this murderer or reopen the investigation and find out what actually caused her death.

Finally, a tough question. Was Alexa' murdered? Dr. Michael D. Innis, Honorary Consultant Hematologist, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia reports that, Infectious Mononucleosis from EBV infection was a factor in Alexa's demise.

"Children are vulnerable to deficiencies in Vitamins C, K and D as well as chemicals such as Calcium and Phosphorus, all of which are associated with rib and skeletal fractures, and with bleeding in some instances. The possibility of both Vitamin C and K deficiency would need to be consider as both are capable of causing fractures as well as bruising and bleeding from the gut, and both may have a nutritional origin. But no tests for these conditions were done. However there is a significant abnormality in the Lymphocyte count which is approximately double the upper value of normal and should alert one to the possibility of a viral infection especially, at this age, the Epstein-Barr virus which would account for the infants distress.

Alexa' stopped breathing for several minutes before being intubated, and has been pointed out by Geodes et al., intra cerebral hemorrhages may result. Severe metabolic acidosis with inadequate resp. comp was the comment of the Pathologist and I agree entirely that is the explanation of the Blood pH reading. Metabolic acidosis is the result of the body, including the brain, being deprived of Oxygen. When the brain is deprived of Oxygen it swells causing cerebral edema and subdural hemorrhages. The EB Virus causes Hepatitis which in turn causes a loss of the proteins necessary for the coagulation of blood. One result is Vitamin K. Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB) a well known complication of defective liver function, which would explain the fractures, bleeding and bruising seen in the child.

In support of the contention that a diagnosis of EB Virus infection is valid, is the finding of one slightly enlarged soft, movable lymph node in the neck which the Pathologist does not include in his summary of postmortem findings. This finding is exactly what one would expect in EBV infection and has to my knowledge never been put forward as a sign of multiple blunt force injury.

The father has given a clear description of the Apparent Life Threatening Event Alexa suffered which caused the Cardio-Respiratory arrest, Anoxia and its fatal consequences.

Having contributed to the medical literature on this subject (Letter Lancet, June 5, 1978) I am confident with a reasonable degree of medical certainty that Infectious Mononucleosis from EBV infection was a factor in Alexa's demise.

Finally, since I believe EB Virus infection played a significant role in Alexa's death I have concerns that the donation of her heart may cause problems in the recipient."

As we continue to help others get a better picture of what the medical field and prosecution are lacking to bring true justice and rule out cases that are not actual abuse, we hope we can make a difference in how parents are treated in the future. We as members of society must demand this change.

To read further about Nicks case see the links below and consider signing is petition.

"If there is any greater crime or sin that we as members of the Human Race and citizens of this great country can commit beyond that of harming a child, it is to wrongfully accuse and/or persecute and innocent parent that has already suffered the loss or harm of one of their offspring. Lee Woodard, Human Rights, USA"

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