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04-07-2005, 05:52 PM
My baby is at WMCC in Cameron. (MsVeggie's son is there as well!) My man is currently doing 30 days "in the hole" because he doesn't know how to stay out of trouble apparently!! :blah:

Here is some information for those who also have loved ones incarcerated in Cameron, MO.

You may contact the Visiting Liaison for visiting concerns at (816) 632-1390.

Western Missouri Correctional Center
609 E. Pence Road
Cameron, MO 64429
Phone: (816) 632-1390
The Department encourages visiting by family and friends. You can make a positive and powerful difference during your loved oneís incarceration. It is important to remember, however, that visiting is a privilege and may be regulated. The following is a brief outline of visiting guidelines.


Regularly scheduled visiting is available at all facilities, Thursday through Sunday, with the exception of the diagnostic and treatment centers. Generally visits are on Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Fridays from 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 2:30 to 8:30 p.m., but may vary slightly from facility to facility. Because the diagnostic and treatment centers have structured programming and activities, visits are limited to specific days and times. The number and length of visits that are authorized vary by facility because of different capacities to host visiting. Weekends may be designated for immediate family members only (spouse, children, parents, brothers or sisters, grandparents and step relations) or one individual of choice (a significant/designated other, such as a close friend). You should also be aware that unforeseen security problems may interfere with visiting, causing delay, shortened, or suspended visits. This is unusual, but does occur on occasion.


Every offender is allowed to have a maximum of twenty visitors on their approved visiting list. Because this number is limited, the offender makes the selection and may make changes twice each year during designated periods. In order to be considered for offender visitation, the offender must mail an application to that prospective visitor. It is important that the visiting application is answered thoroughly and honestly as failure to do so may result in denial of visiting privileges. Once completed, the form should be returned to the institution for processing. Once a background check is completed and no problems are identified, the visitor may be added to the visiting list. The offender receives notification advising them of the status and they are responsible for notifying the visitor of the decision. Visitors may only be on one offenderís visiting list unless they are verified to be an immediate family member of more than one offender. Ex-offenders may or may not be approved to visit depending upon criminal history and release status.


All adult visitors are required to show a valid picture identification card, such as a current driverís license or Department of Revenue identification card. Children, 13 years of age to 17, are required to show a current school picture identification card or Department of Revenue identification card. Visitors under the age of 18, unless married to the offender, must be accompanied by an authorized adult visitor.


In an effort to provide a safe and secure environment in which you and your family may visit, the Department does conduct general searches of visitors. A metal detector may be used to detect weapons or other contraband. This may be completed by a walk-through metal detector or a hand-held wand, which is waved near the body. Because the Department maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding all illegal substances and introduction of contraband, staff may also ask you to submit to an Itemizer or Ion Scan search. When tested with the Itemizer, the visitor will be given a towelette and asked to wipe it over their shirt front, pockets and palms of their hands. The towelette is then placed directly into a machine that immediately detects any possible traces of narcotics or explosives. The Ion Scan machine emits a puff of air onto the visitor, then quickly retracts the air and analyzes it for traces of narcotics or explosives. None of these procedures are invasive or harmful.


To ensure your safety and the security of the institution, items that can be brought into the institution are very limited. Only coins for use in the vending machines, and specific medical and infant supplies are allowed. Gum, wallets, purses and other items may not be brought to visits. Missouri State Statute 217.337 states that it is a criminal offense for any individual entering a correctional facility to bring in drugs, alcoholic beverages, any article an offender is not permitted to possess, or firearm that may be used to endanger the safety and security of the facility, staff or other offenders. Please do not jeopardize your visiting status by violating state law as the Department will seek prosecution. It is important to remember that when visiting you are required to abide by the Departmentís rules and regulations. When you enter prison grounds, you, your packages, your children and your vehicle are subject to search. Small lockers are available at most institutions to store your purses, wallets or keys, if necessary, however, it is requested you bring only necessary items and secure the rest in your vehicle.

Coins may be brought in a clear zip-lock type bag or plastic pouch. Medications or medical equipment needed to maintain life such as nitroglycerin, insulin and insulin supplies and oxygen or asthma inhalers may be taken into the facility in their original container and only in the necessary dosage for the visiting period. You should notify staff upon your arrival of the need for medication during visitation. If you have special medical equipment, such as a walker, wheelchair or surgically implanted metal hardware, you should provide a physicianís statement. Notice should be made in advance to the caseworker to ensure staff are aware of your needs. Sanitary supplies are available in the restroom at a minimal fee.

When you bring a small infant or child, one clear carry-all for infant supplies is allowed. This bag may contain up to 6 diapers, 1 blanket, 3 clear plastic bottles of prepared infant beverage, 1 clear plastic no-spill toddler cup, 3 unopened vendor containers of baby food, 1 plastic pacifier, teether and/or rattle, 1 small plastic spoon and 1 unopened package of baby wipes. These items may be searched. It is also important that you maintain direct control of your children at all times so as to ensure their safety and to prevent interruption of other visits. If children are unruly or disruptive, the visit may be terminated.


We ask that all visitors abide by a dress code to ensure other visitors are not offended and to prevent security risks. If you fail to comply with these guidelines, your visit may be denied or you may be required to wear institutional clothing while in the visiting room.

Clothing should not be tight, transparent or revealing. It should not display gang, racial, inappropriate or inflammatory language or symbols and may not have a camouflage design. Skirts, dresses and shorts may be no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee cap, and no wrap-around or slitted skirts or dresses are permitted. No holes or slits are permitted in pants. Shirts, blouses and tops must cover the chest and stomach and have sleeves that cover the shoulders, without display of cleavage or midriff. Appropriate undergarments and shoes must be worn at all times. Undergarments with wire or metal supports are discouraged because you may be required to clear a metal detector. No headwear is allowed except for verified religious purposes.


If you choose, you will be allowed one greeting and departing embrace and brief kiss with those with whom you visit. The only other physical contact permitted is holding hands. While sexual offenders have strict physical contact restrictions, other offenders may be allowed to have children six and under to sit on their lap. Children should always be closely supervised by their guardian in the visiting room to ensure their safety and preserve good order. Offenders should not be left alone with a child without the adult visitor present. Although it is often difficult not to have physical contact with a loved one during visits, it must be limited to preserve order in the visiting room and to ensure other visitors and children are not offended by open displays of affection. If you fail to abide by these rules, the visit is subject to termination and possible suspension of visiting privileges.


Vending machines offering sandwiches, snacks, chips, candies and beverages are available. Food visits also occur at least twice each year at all facilities except community release and treatment centers, with each institution developing criteria for the privilege to participate. If the offender you visit is eligible and approved for a food visit, he or she is permitted to participate in a meal that is either home cooked, purchased, or made available through a pre-approved local vendor. Each institution may have special restrictions for food visits, so it is important the offender shares information with you about those regulations prior to the visit.


Unfortunately, at times, some visitors abuse visiting privileges by improper conduct, failure to follow visiting rules, excessive physical contact, refusal to submit to search, use of alcohol or narcotics, unacceptable language, improper dress, presenting risk to the safety and security of the facility, staff, offenders or visitors, participation in illegal activities and/or violations of Missouri law. Based upon the seriousness of the infraction, those involved may have visiting privileges suspended for an appropriate amount of time, be barred from the institution, or may be placed on non-contact visiting status. If visiting sanctions are imposed, the institution will send a written notice outlining the infraction and sanctions imposed. A visitor may appeal visiting restrictions to the appropriate assistant division director in Central Office.


Since communication with family, friends and others is important to those who are incarcerated, collect call telephones are made available within the institution for inmate use. The following information explains how and when telephones may be used.


While offenders cannot receive telephone calls, telephones are available throughout the institution for offender use if the offender is not on restricted status. Offenders assigned to segregation units have limited access to the telephone. All telephones are programmed to process collect calls only, including local calls. Offenders cannot place toll-free calls, three-way calls, or make calling card calls.

06-16-2005, 11:16 PM
Cameron, Missouri--Missouri Western Correctional Center
Prison Phone Number 816-632-1390

Security Level 3 and 4 a few 5 that are on a temp 4 probation. 3's are on the A side and the 4's and 5's are on the B--the hole is on A side (One house).
Visiting Hours/Days Thurs 9 - 2
Fri 3 - 8
Sat 9 - 2 or 3 - 8
Sun 9 - 2 or3 - 8

Visiting Rules They have a copy available at the desk, but most are the standard MoDOC rules. This is the web location of the rules. The one major difference is the embrace and kiss must be at the doors.

Visiting Dress Code No sleeveless tops, all shorts, skirts etc can't be more than 2 inches above the knees (this includes any slits in the skirts)--most of the time hardcore inforced. No low cut tops, can't show any skin, shirts must stay down in back and front. Sometimes they will reject too tight of clothes, no torned or slit pants. Unlike some camps they do not have coverup clothes so they will just reject you.

Visiting - How much money you can take in No limit on the funds you can take in but there can't be any folding money or pennies. Money changers are available in the waiting area, when filled. One is for $1 and $5 and gives small change, the other is for $10 and $20 (will take $1 and $5's) and gives dollar coins.

Mail Rules - what can and cannot be mailed in. Pictures, cards (normal size, no exordinarily large cards), letters. They can have stickers on them. Basicly MoDOC rules

Superintendent Name Steve Moore

Local Accommodations / Prices / Food Relax Inn is the cheapest, Super 8 Motel 816-632-8888, Comfort Inn 800-228-5150 or 816-632-5655, EconoLodge 816-632-6571, Crossroads Inn 816-632-7300 and Holiday Inn Express 816-632-6666. Don't know the prices--sorry. There are several sit down resturants and the normal fast food places all near the prisons.

Local support groups None

Any other important information. Inmates can have 4 visitors at a time, lockers are provided, pictures can not be taken in with the exception of stuff the kids do, there is 2 visiting rooms most times the families with children are in the one and adults are in the other. Gets hot as hell in the visiting rooms--have roof windows in each.

02-06-2008, 02:21 AM
Just my two cents...but I visit Cameron (Western Missouri Correctional Center) every 3 to 4 months..(all I can afford) and Super 8 has been an excellent deal for me it averages $50.00 a night. You might find cheaper but it's not a bad place, it's clean, the people are friendly and it's super close to wally world and the prison. :) Have a great day!