View Full Version : Getting from Polunsky Unit in Livingston back to Houston sunday afternoon.

08-07-2009, 03:35 PM
I am travelling from Denmark, Europe to visit friends in the US, I have planned a visit in Polunsky Unit on 19+20/9, but a problem have occured.

I need to be at Houston Hobby at 4pm on 20/9 in order to catch my plane connection back to Denmark, but would want to be able to visit with my friend on the sunday before leaving, but the only way i have found to get from Polunsky Unit back to Houston was the Greyhound leaving at 10:45 am from Livingston, this would mean that i would be left with only one day visit, so im trying deaperately to find a way to get back to Houston later in the day sunday 20/9 but still in time to reach my plane, after travelling many thousand miles to visit with him over a weekend, then getting the visit cut short, cause i cant seem to get the last 150 Miles would sadden me, do any of you have an idea, or know of different busconnections to Houston, i would be very gratefull, cause
renting a car is not an option, as US traffic is very different from the Danish, and im very intimidated by the huge intersections etc, so i dare not drive in the US, and im a single mum, so im on a rather limited budget as well, so a taxi is out of the question as well ..


08-08-2009, 10:08 AM
Just sent you a PM