View Full Version : Anyone Know Anything About IDT Drug Rehab in Tarrant County?

06-18-2009, 09:19 AM
Does anyone know anything about the drug rehab program that Tarrant County performs within the correctional facility? Itís called IDT and I canít find any information on it anywhere.

My b/f is in Tarrant County lockup and will be undergoing the IDT rehab starting July 2 through Sept 23 as a condition of his deferred adjudication. He was telling his mom that there is only a 3% success rate among those who come out of the program. His drug of choice is meth, which already has a high relapse rate, but if this program sucks, then thatís going to make the chances of relapse even more likely.

I had suggested Cenikor, but his PO didnít like that one. She said IT has a low success rate, although everything I read on the internet praised it highly.

I am just very concerned that I can find no information whatsoever about IDT. Makes me wonder what they have to hide if they donít offer the public any information about what they do, their success rate, statistics, etc.