View Full Version : PTO Quilt Project Announcement

06-01-2009, 01:44 PM
PTO has a new and exciting project for members to be involved in...the Quilt Project (

There is a sub-forum devoted to this in Break Time, under Artistic Corner and Photo Gallery called PTO Quilting Forum (

We are creating a quilt together to represent our loved ones incarcerated, our loved ones lost, and our appreciation for having PTO for support.

This quilt will be displayed at Conferences and PTO functions as a representation of our Community Purpose.

Many members may not be aware of this endeavor, so we are making this announcement for all to have the opportunity to contribute to it if possible.

We are hoping to have a square to represent each state and country forum, as well as other specific forums.

We already have several completed squares, with more on the way. Photos of those squares can be viewed here (

If you have a talent for art, sewing, quilting, or any ideas, please join us in this project!

If you are able to help create squares, please submit your release agreement. You can find that release form here (

It's well underway, but we need your support too! :thumbsup: