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04-26-2009, 09:25 AM
Does anyone have a link to the wages that are paid for various prisoner jobs? I know that the rates of pay are pretty dismal, but I am specifically looking for info on hazmat wages for prisoners (and any other hazmat info). My husband is hazmat trained and it seems that when a counselor discovered this recently, he is now trying to place my husband in a hazmat job. While that may initially sound like a good thing, it would entail cleaning of blood and other body substances - which to me not only sounds dangerous, also seems like it should be at a pretty high rate of pay... Sorry, but you couldn't pay me enough to do this kind of work! yuck

04-27-2009, 12:33 AM
I found all the pay scales, but I'm still interested in any info on inmate hazmat jobs (if anyone can give me a better idea of what type of work and hours this entails)?

04-28-2009, 06:09 PM
Were did you find the pay scales?

04-28-2009, 06:18 PM
The Title 15 and the DOM (for the PIA pay scale). Oh heck, I'll copy here what I mailed in to my husband:

3041.2. Inmate Pay Rates, Schedule and Exceptions.
(a) Pay rates at each facility for paid inmate assignments shall be commensurate with the level of skill and productivity required and shall be set with the assistance of the Institutional Inmate Pay Committee. Pay rates shall be in accord with the following general pay schedule adopted and revised by the Director pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act.
(b)(1) Pay Schedule
Hourly Monthly
Level 1 DOT Skill Level 9
Lead Person $0.32 $0.37 $48 $56
Level 2 DOT Skill Levels 7–8
Special Skill $0.19 $0.32 $29 $48
Level 3 DOT Skill Levels 5–6
Technician $0.15 $0.24 $23 $36
Level 4 DOT Skill Levels 3–4
Semi-Skilled $0.11 $0.18 $17 $27
Level 5 DOT Skill Levels 1–2
Laborer $0.08 $0.13 $12 $20
(2) Monthly rates shall apply to full time employment in the job classifications and shall be paid from the support budget or inmate welfare funds. Hourly rates shall apply to half time and partial full time paid employment.
(b) Exceptions to the above schedule may be made in extraordinary circumstances. A wage comparable to that paid to inmates in the Prison Industry Authority inmate pay program may be paid for special projects or assignments that require a
high degree of skill or expertise. Other exceptions may also be made in order to fill positions when recruitment or retention of inmate workers is a problem. Any exceptions based upon thissubsection shall require approval, review and justification on an annual basis by the institution head or designee.

(From the DOM)
All PIA inmate positions are to be assigned to one of the following levels:
Hourly Pay Schedule
Title Step I Step II Step III
Leadperson (AA) $.75 $.85 $.95
Special Skills (A) .65 .70 .75
Technician (B) .55 .60 .65
Semi-Skill (C) .45 .50 .55
Laborer (D) .30 .35 .40
For each enterprise, the percentage of the inmate work force in each skill level shall not exceed the following:
Leadperson (AA)/Special Skills (A) 25 percent
Technician (B) 25 percent
Semi-Skill (C) 25 percent
Laborer (D) 25 percent

To see what jobs are considered which skill/pay level, you can use this link to the DOM: