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01-02-2004, 04:27 PM
I have court this tuesday and am supposed to be taking a plea.The plea is conspiracy to distribute a substance containing a detecable amount of methamphetamine over 500 grams.They got a search warrant for my house and found 2 ounces of meth/glass the purity was 100%.Then they found over a pound of meth purity 12% at a apartment that i never even been to but my girlfriend has but the drugs were neither of ours.After hearing that in the federal system it is virtually immpossible to win at trial i dont know what to do.I went in and did a proffer .They say that they cant change the plea to what was in the house alone .I admitted that the 2 ounces were mine but i never even been to that apartment or had any knowledge that drugs were there.Now they want me to give them permission to use things i said in the profer to make up for the remaining grams of dope.In my proffer i told them that i had gotten pounds in the past but they arent allowed to use anything i said during the proffer against me but now they got me by the balls it seems .If i go to trial they can use if if my story is different ,and if i go to trial i dont get the safety valve and they will push for higher sentence.My girlfriend has been in county jail for three months and they pretty much made her crack she already took the plea so she can get into federal prison sooner .She hasnt seen daylight for 3 months she woulda pleaded guilty to the 9/11 attacks if they woulda asked her.This all happened because a close friend fell asleep at the wheel and had dope in his truck and then set us up to get a lighter sentence.We have a baby due march 12(my first) and that prolly hurts the most.The snitch told the feds that we had pounds at the house which we didnt just 2 ounces.When the D.E.A came to my house and only found the 2 ounces they were outraged.I have a knife collection i keep in my room in a case and when they didnt find what they were told was there they emptied my knives on the kitchen floor and called child protection told them i had knives in the reach of children and had my girlfriends kids taken away.That last part i shoulda put in the vent forum but just feel people need to be aware how dirty the feds are and how they take things personal instead of actiong professional.Is there any chance of any program where my girl can be with the baby at all.Anything i might b eligble for ?We are both at level 32 b4 the safety vavle i think 70-87 months each.We live in mn.


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01-02-2004, 05:01 PM
I wish I knew what to say besides good luck and god bless and how nasty of them and welcome to PTO, but I don't....hopefully some of the legal minds here will see this...Someday they, too, will be judged. And not by anyone who had to run campaign ads, either. Congrats on becoming a daddy! may God keep you strong through it all.

01-02-2004, 09:57 PM
Hi there ... i don't have any answers for you either but wanted you to know that I will keep you, your girl and the baby in my prayers ... I just hate it when someone takes a plea but, I do understand how they scare you ... maybe it is different with the feds [which I know nothing about] anyway, I hope you find the answers that you need ~

01-03-2004, 09:55 AM
Hi JJTweeks

The fact that there is an informant in the case may complicate the matters here. It may put you in the leader position which means more points and not much leniency during sentencing. Trial, in my opinion isn't a great solution, not with the feds anyway, and not with an informant and meth involved. From experience I think that 80 months is the ticket. Be strong, my thoughts and best wishes for a good outcome send your way. Peace.