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02-27-2009, 03:13 PM
My boyfriend is in Apalachee East and I have heard horror stories about that place. Is it really dangerous and are the guards really bad there? I also wanted to know how visits go there? Has anyone ever gone to visitation there? I'm going there next month and am very nervous. I thought I could get a special visit because I'm coming from out of state, but his CO told me that I can just come to regular visits on Saturday and Sunday.

02-27-2009, 05:36 PM
Hi pbandk

Welcome to PTO.

My son is at ACI E. I have heard it's a horrible place, and my son has had some bad things happen to him. He has been in for 3 yrs. now, and he says its changed some, but it is prison after all. I really can't tell you too much because my son doesn't tell me everything. Hopefully someone who has H/BF in there can tell a lot more about what goes inside. Because I'm his mom, he doesn't want me to know everything. I will say this though, from the first time we visited him until now he does seem doing better, at least he seems in better spirits. He hates there, and doesn't have nothing good to say about the guards, but for the most part he has been staying out of trouble.

As far as the visits go, its really not bad. We have no problems with the guards, in fact they have all been real nice. If you go to the website it will explain everything. Just smile and be polite and respectful and you will be just fine.

Good luck and enjoy your visit. My H won't be able to make it back up there until Memorial Day weekend, I can't wait.

Kevs mom

02-27-2009, 06:06 PM
My husband was also in apalachee ci east, but is now at holmes ci...It's been almost a year since he's been it could've changed. I think they got a new warden. Kevs mom, it's not Culpepper there anymore is it? He was something else! There were a couple pleasant CO's in the visit that we could actually hold a conversation with, the one i remember was srgt dunn, he was super nice...But then there was this one CO ms williams whose objective was to make everyone's visit hell!!My hubby had alot of problems while there which is actually why he ended up getting moved to holmes. It was pretty bad, lots of gangs, people putting knives under peoples bunks to get them in trouble, snitches...He got a dr for excessive pictures, without even a warning or chance to send them home..he got another dr for making a hat out of a sweatshirt that HE purchased, & he only wore it to sleep to keep warm in the cold winter months...He got b**ched at in the visitation because he fed me a chip!! And they are pretty strict with the clothing depending on whose working. One week an outfit is ok, the next it's not & i actually had a CO stick up for me once when they said my outfit was no good...the CO told them i just wore it a few weeks ago & it was fine then so they let me in. After the beginning it got a little better though. Prison in prison, it's not supposed to be pleasant, but this was one of the worst ones hubby has been at. As long as he keeps to himself & out of the CO's way, it shouldn't be too bad for him. You may want to try the warden concerning the special visit since you are out of state. But since u are coming from so far, u may be better off with the weekend visit. If they approve special visits, it's usually on a weekday & just for a couple hours compared to 2 days for 6 hours each. They have a newer hotel right down the street from the prison called lake seminole inn, it's about $60/night. There's also the seminole lodge right there for $40/night, it's an older motel but has always been clean when i stayed. If you go a lil further down i10, in marianna they have lots of chain hotels/restaurants/fast food/walmart...I stayed there whenever i went alone just because i felt safer...Any other questions just ask..

02-27-2009, 08:16 PM
Hi Ricoswifey

WOW! My son has been in for 3yrs now, and each we have visited we never had any problems. Maybe because we are his parents. LOL! As many times we have gone to visit we saw or heard anyone in there get harassed. They have always been nice, there is one or two there that aren't extremely friendly, but no problems. My son doesn't say all to much to me, he knows how I worry and all, so I am sure he keeps a lot from me. His girlfriend says there are things he has told her that she won't say to me out of respect for him, and I do understand, so I don't push. I guess its a good thing I don't hear about. I know when he frist arrived there he was in a lot fights, some he started, and some he didn't, but he won't go into why he fought. When I do ask anything he is reluctant to say anything and kind of changes the subject, and again I don't push.

Yes, ACI does have new warden, but I can't remember the name, Palmer, not sure. I am probably wrong. LOL! I had just talked to my son tonight, he said he just got over from being sick. That yucky stuff going around, sore throat, headache, cough. Its weird, his younger brother, dad and I just got over the same thing. I was so happy to hear from him, haven't heard anything since we went to see him Christmas weekend. He says the new meds he is on has him passing out at night, so that is why he hasn't called. Doesn't matter as long as we heard from him, I'm happy.

Take care...

Kevs mom

02-27-2009, 09:18 PM
Wow, I can't believe that visits are six hours long. What all are you allowed to do at the visits? Can you walk around or are you stuck sitting?

02-27-2009, 09:31 PM
When visiting at Apalachee, do you have to be there much earlier and wait for a long time before visits?

02-28-2009, 11:50 AM
I think visits start at 9am. It is best to arrive early, because there can a line. 3pm is when visits are over. It best to get there early and and before 11:30am, that's when they counts, and usually last about and 30min. sometimes longer if they count wrong, then they have to do it again. My H and I have gotten in and they had started count, so we had to wait before we could even get into the visiting area. It took almost and hour, someone couldn't count. LOL!

Basically what you do is just sit, they have a canteen where you can buy food. Bring $50.00 with you, only because your boyfriend will probably eat like there is no tomorrow. My and I both that much, and we usually have one of sons with us or his girlfriend come with us and brings about that much. My son eats the whole time we are there. There is an area where you can go and smoke, but they open that door maybe twice during the visit. If you or our boyfriend smoke, you are loud to bring one unopen carton of cigerettes, and a clear lighter, but make sure its not a Bic lighter.

I know that some of the posters here have had problems with there visits to see there loved ones, but my H and I have never had a problem. Maybe they give couples more of a hard time I don't know. As long as we've been going we have no problems, the guards are usually very nice, no has caused problems.

You will get searched, but that is normal, and again my H and I have had no problems. The first time my H and I went up I was real nervous, and not all too comfortable, but I guess that's just normal. And when we left I cried like a baby. It rough walking out there leaving them behind, but it does get somewhat easier each time. It tears me apart, but I am okay.

Good luck and enjoy your visit. Oh, you are aloud one hug in the beginning, and when you leave, and kiss. Take care. It will be okay and will get through this just fine. Let us know how it all went.

Kevs mom

02-28-2009, 03:10 PM
I thinks it's definately different when you visit as parents/family & wife/gf...They gave us a hard time in the beginning, but once i was visiting regularly & they "got to know me" it wasn't as bad...Not all of them were bad...It's not that it gets that crowded there, but they are just super slow checking you in, so even if there's just a few people ahead of you, it could take forever. Visits start at 9 am & they are supposed to start checking you in at 8:15 am... I always got there about 7:30 am, just because i liked to be one of the first ones in line. Another thing, when you bring the $50, it has to be 20s,10s,5's,1s...For your first time you'll need your driver's license & they will take your picture & scan your hand & give you a yellow card...After that you will just need to bring the yellow card. And you can only take in one car key...You can use a clear bad to put your stuff. I use a clear makeup bag...

02-28-2009, 03:32 PM
Okay correction here....LOL!

Its a unopen pack of cig's not a carton. Sorry, I'm not a smoker, so I make that mistake all the time. LOL!

03-16-2009, 12:01 PM
ACI is a psych camp, which is one of the reasons it is a harder facility. My husband was there for 5 years, left to do construction, and is back. I hate that place with a passion. I am not going to to go into much detail online about that place...but if you want to PM me, thats fine. I have had personal run ins w/several higher ups at ACI. NO, Culpepper is no longer there. The new warden has made SOME improvements...But it's a Psych camp, so the CO's are trained in that manner and unfortunately treat all of the inmates as if they were psych inmates. Enough said....