View Full Version : WV (Alderson) Female, 48 looking for anyone who can relate!

01-27-2009, 04:01 PM
I'm posting this ad for my mom, Sharon Wolford.
She's serving a 9 year sentence at Alderson FPC in Alderson, WV that began in June 2007. She is currently in the appeal process, so we are hoping to hear some good news soon.

She's serving time for a conspiracy to distribute charges. A long, long time ago, thanks to some intesne back pain, mom was overprescribed Vicodin by a doctor (who later was charged with malpractice, he overprescribed mulitple patients!) which led to stronger & stronger medicines. Before her arrest her "narcotic of choice" was OxyContin. She was hooked, and bought & sold to get by. Her arrest was Febuary 24th, 2009 - and she has been clean & serene ever since. Following her initial arrest, she went to a rehabilitation center, and of the 70 people that she was there with, she is the only one that has not since used and drugs. She was clean a full 16 months before she self-surrendered.

My mom is a great person with a lot of interesting thoughts. She's a Christian. She constantly strives for success and is filled with so many dreams for the future. For 20 years she owned her own antique & thrift store in Manassas, VA. She managed to be self-employed and raise 4 children (now all adults) as a single parent.

I won't tell you everything though, I'll let her tell you! Attached are two pictures of me & my mom at Alderson!

Her Address is:

Sharon R Wolford 71088-083
Box B3
Alderson Federal Prison Camp
Alderson, WV

If you can write my inmate, I'll be glad to write yours! Thanks a lot!

01-28-2009, 05:40 AM
She sounds like a strong woman - you must be very proud of her. I'll put a card in the post.