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12-28-2008, 11:01 PM
Hi everyone! My lil sister was just transfered to Carswell on the camp side at the beginning of last week. I was just wondering if anyone can give me some info about the place. Her counselor is on vacation for the holidays so she called me collect last night. I was so excited to talk to her that I forgot to ask her alot of my questions. Does anyone know when I will be allowed to go visit with her since she hasn't even gotten her visitation forms yet? I am listed on her PSI & would love to see her soon. Any help will be greatly appreciated....God Bless You All!

01-05-2009, 07:08 PM
Normally the counselor automatically puts the people on the PSI on the visitation list but don't go visit until your sister tells you that she has her visitation list in her hand. The military base will not let you on the base unless you are on her visitation list.