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11-13-2008, 10:51 AM
I'm new here - my fiance was just transferred to ASPC a couple weeks ago and the ADC datasearch was updated today but I don't understand what it all means...

In the Parole Placement section there are 3 lines:
the 1st one says Class type=Initial Classification / parole class=1/2 days
the 2nd one says Class type=Admission / parole class=2
the 3rd one says Class type=Parole Class Change / parole class=1/125 days

can anyone shed any light on these numbers for me?

11-13-2008, 01:24 PM
Here is the explanation of Parole Classifications from the ADC website: Essentially your man is earning his release credits in a Class 1. His release credits boil down to serving 85% of his sentence. Everyone that is admitted is admitted in a Class 2, but only for the day that he was admitted. Right after that he was a class 1. If he gets into trouble and gets moved out of Class 1, during those days he will not be earning his 15% early release. I hope this helps!! Good Luck!!!

1.5 Earning/Non-Earning Release Credit Classes
1.5.1 Class I (For offenses committed on or after noon, October 1, 1978) - To remain in this class, inmates shall adhere to Department written instructions, procedures, rules and regulations and receive satisfactory performance evaluations. Inmates in this class are eligible for, and are earning release credits, except for those prisoners who are sentenced to serve the full term of imprisonment imposed by the court. Inmates with date of offense on or after October 1, 1978, upon commitment to the Department, shall be placed in Earning Class I beginning on the inmate's Sentence Begins Date except when sentenced pursuant to a statute that does not allow the earning of release credits or requires a mandatory minimum amount of time be served prior to placement in Class I.
1.5.2 Class II (For offenses committed on or after October 1, 1978) - All inmates are initially placed into this non-earning class upon being sentenced to the Department. Inmates who are eligible as specified by statute are recommended for placement in Class I, continuation in Class II, or placement in another class. Class II inmates with a date of offense between noon on October 1, 1978 and December 31, 1993 are parole eligible, but do not earn release credits.
1.5.3 Class III (For offenses committed on or after noon, October 1, 1978) - Placement of inmates into this non-earning Class takes precedence over and interrupts the status of all other classes, unless the inmate is pending the Sexually Violent Person review process. The Disciplinary Hearing Officer may place an inmate into non-earning Class III for 30, 60 or 90 days as specified in Department Order #803, Inmate Discipline System ( When this placement period has expired, the inmate is automatically returned to the former class status. Inmates in non-earning Class III are not eligible for parole and do not earn release credits. For inmates who committed their offense on or after July 21, 1979, the inmate's parole eligibility date is extended one day for each day spent in non-earning Class III status.
1.5.4 Class IV (For offenses committed between July 21, 1979 and December 31, 1993) - This non-earning Class was reserved for inmates placed into Administrative Segregation Status and is no longer used as a classification. Inmates were not placed in Class IV after November 7, 1989.
1.5.5 Class V (For offenses committed between July 21, 1979 and December 31, 1993) - Inmates are only placed in non-earning Class V when they have been identified as dangerous psychiatric offenders by a special Classification Committee appointed by the Director. Inmates in non-earning Class V are not eligible for parole and do not earn release credits. Class V status does not extend the inmate's Parole Eligibility Date.
1.5.6 Class VI (For offenses committed on or after noon, October 1, 1978) - A non-earning Class that is reserved for inmates sentenced to death. Inmates in this Class are not eligible for Parole and do not earn release credits.
1.5.7 Class VII (For offenses committed on or after noon, October 1, 1978) - Inmates in this class are adhering to Department rules and regulations, receiving satisfactory performance evaluations and, if the committing offense is between October 1, 1978 and December 31, 1993 are, by statute, not eligible for Parole because of the nature of their committing offense. Applicable sentencing statutes prohibit inmates from earning release credits and only re-sentencing by the court of jurisdiction may result in the inmate becoming eligible to earn release credits. Only applicable release credits will be calculated retroactively based on time served in Class VII status.
1.5.8 Class VIII (For offenses committed prior to noon, October 1, 1978.) - Inmates in this Class have earned a position of confidence and trust. Inmates earn double time credits in accordance with ARS 31-252 and are eligible for Parole. 1.5.9 Class IX (For offenses committed prior to noon, October 1, 1978.) - Inmates in this class are not considered to be in a position of confidence and trust. These inmates are serving disciplinary isolation and will remain in this class for the duration of time spent in disciplinary isolation. These inmates do not earn double time credits and are parole eligible.

11-13-2008, 02:12 PM
ok - so while he was in jail for 125 days they consider that class 1 where he earns 1 day for every 7... then he was in class 2 for 1 day when he got admitted and now he's back in class 1 again (and has been for 2 days)???

that helps a lot - thanks!

11-13-2008, 02:14 PM should have a date on when they posted that new class (the 1 for 2 days)....that should match up to when his was admitted to the date of the post. I hope that makes sense.

11-13-2008, 02:40 PM
yeah - that was on the 10th of this month... how often do they update that datasearch? It says he was moved again on the 10th also but still lists him as being at ASPC.

11-13-2008, 02:46 PM
They usually update the datasearch every other day. Though sometimes I think they just change the date, because they don't always seem to actually update that often. But I usually notice it shows updated every other day...