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11-10-2008, 10:04 PM
I decided to make this a separate thread.

So, today in the mail I got two more mail denials. One was where the mail room said hubby's envelop was contraband, it was folded so they said he got it illegally. :angry: Geesh, the man buys 30 stamped envelops every time he goes to commissary. He writes me everyday... he was pissed! The other said that I had sent an illegal picture. Said it was a photo of the unit. WTF??? :eek: I didn't send a picture of the unit to him... I don't even have a picture of the unit. :blah: Could they mean something else with that comment??? I have no clue. Hubby contested the denial. So this is number 6 & 7 that the DRC committee is going to have to deal with in a time span of about 30 days.

So I will be calling the mail room once again. And I will be sending an updated letter to the ombudsman.


11-10-2008, 10:11 PM
Well i always get denial forms from Clements mailroom :( URGH!! As a matter of fact i got 2 last week.Funny thing is,it takes them 5-10 days to mail my mans letter to me but when CLEMENTS MAILROOM MAILS ME A DENIAL FORM I GET IT IN 2 DAYS??WTF??I HATE TDCJ!!!

11-12-2008, 08:35 PM
I spent an hour on the phone today trying to get answers. I went through 3 supervisors and had the lady in the ombudsman office hang up on me. I'm not going to go through all the details of the discussion, just suffice to say, I was completely frustrating them because I would quote thier policies to them and then challenge them to tell me how my various denials violated the policy. Of the seven, they were able to adequately explain two of them. Regarding the rest, the first lady said "I can't answer your question, let me put you through to my supervisor." That supervisor basically said the same thing, and then her supervisor put me through the to the ombudsman's office who got so frustrated with my challenges she said, "I obviously can not help you. Have a nice day." And hung up. I swear I wasn't yelling, ranting or using profanity! I was being composed but I was also not accepting "you just can't do that." I wanted to know the justification behind the "you can't do X", and then I would quote thier policy to them and ask them to tell me where what I sent or wrote violated the policy. Of course, I was challenging them on the seven denials I have gotten in the last 30 days.

And I was making the claim that the mail room was not meeting their policy requirements of providing me with a "sufficiently detailed description of the rejected corrospondence." When they only write two words on the denial such as "circumventing corrospondence".

Well, anyway... it is obvious that I am not going to get anywhere and all my challenges are just pissing them off. I had one lady tell me today that if I continued to break the rules I would be banned from writing my husband. That frustrated me, and I said, "that is why I am calling asking for clarification, so I will know what I am doing wrong so I won't repeat it."

I have decided that all the calling isn't getting me anywhere, and that I guess it is the Lord giving me a gentle reminder that He is bigger than TDC, and I should let him handle it.


11-13-2008, 11:47 AM
The only thing they have denied at segovis from me was a copy of a poloraid. You know, one of the pictures they take at visitation. I took it home scanned it and sent it to him. They denied that. Then at gurney I sent him a sketch book that was really nice bound in leather. They denied it becuase it had teh word "SKETCH" on the cover. They cant have sketch books if the unit doesnt offer art classes.