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08-21-2002, 06:53 AM
I scanned this forum for information about remote call forwarding but did not find any posts related to this wonderful LEGAL method for reducing phone calls from prisoners. I, too, had a loved one in prison in NJ who called me in PA--cost me over $15.00 for each 15 minute call....that is, until I went to remote call forwarding[RCF]. :idea:
Our organization, ...And Justice For All, publishes free information about how to set this system up, but I will try to summarize here. If you want a copy of the information on RCF, send us this request and a SASE to: AJFA, PO Box 4608, Phila. PA 19127. We DO NOT make any money from any phone company for providing this information!!!

Remote Call Forwarding [RCF] uses a virtual phone number that is local to the prison where your loved one is located. The phone number is not a physically installed telephone line...this number exists only at the exchange center for that town or city. This specially created phone line will be set up to automatically call forward to your home phone number [No matter where you reside!!!].

A most important question....Can you REALLY save money?
To find out if you can save money by establishing a remote line it’s best to get out your calculator and do some simple math.

How many calls do you receive a month? Add up the charges. The local phone Company will typically charge you anywhere between $5 and $18 per month for the RCF line. Installation fees will vary so it’s important to check around if you have more than one choice of local Phone Companies.

Collect call fees will be charged to the local Phone Company, rather than to the long distance carrier, so rather than pay the $3 connect fee, plus .50 per minute [or more], you will probably pay between $1-2/for the collect call to the remote phone line [and perhaps a few cents per minute]. You will also pay the long distance charge [typically is .5-.10/minute]. So, if the local Phone Company charges you an average of $2 for the call and you talk for 15 minutes at .10/minute, your charge for that call will be $3.50! Compare that to the cost per call on your current phone bill—you should experience at least a $5.00 [or more] savings per call!!!

Remember to add the cost of the monthly maintenance fee for the local phone line and you’ll see the break-even point at 3-4 calls per month. If you recieve more calls per month you will experience even more savings!
In addition, you have the satisfaction of knowing that NOT ONE PENNY of your hard-earned money will go to improve the profit margin for the State of New Jersey [or your State's prison system] and their contracted long distance carrier[s]!

If you only receive one or two calls per month RCF will not be cost-effective for you unless you wish to increase the number of prison collect calls you receive...and do so at a substancial

A. Obtain the area code and phone number of the prison where your loved one is incarcerated.
B. Call directory assistance and obtain the phone number of the local Phone Company that would service the same local phone exchange as the prison. The identified Phone Company’s residential service center does not have to be physically located in the prison’s city/town. For example, if the local Phone Company is Bell Atlantic, you can call their toll-free number. They can handle your order for any location in their coverage area.
C. Call the local Phone Company and ask to speak to a representative who can set up a remote call forwarding line. Once connected to this representative get their name for future reference.
1. Obtain the cost for setting up this service and any other associated costs [i.e., monthly maintenance cost]. If you have the option of more than one local phone company for this area get compartive pricing to obtain the best financial deal. Often the phone company will waive the set-up costs—you may have to ask them if they can do this.
2. Once you have obtained the costs, you may want to terminate the call to evaluate if you can afford and/or want to spend the money on this system. You may need to compare your current phone costs with the RCF costs; typically you will see substancial savings with RCF but it is best to figure this out before proceeding.
D. If you decide to proceed with RCF:
1. Tell the representative you want to establish a local phone number for you in the same city/town where the prison is located and that you want this local line to include remote automatic call forwarding to your home phone number.
2. You will want to make sure the number is semi-private or unlisted, since anyone who calls the newly set up phone number will be able to ring through to your home phone number at your expense. In NJ there may be a monthly charge for an unlisted phone number.
3. You also want to be absolutely sure that the representative DOES NOT block collect calls!!!
You need to inform the Phone Company what long-distance service to include for your remote-forwarding line. This is where a little homework on your part will pay off!
Before calling the local Phone Company you need to select the long distance carrier you want to use for these calls. Investigate the various options before calling the local phone company to set up your service. For example, if you receive most prison calls on the weekends the long distance carrier that has reduced weekend rates may be your best and most economic option.
The representative will need a billing name and address [this is you]. They may ask if you want this line terminated at a phone number already established or terminated at your home phone number... say “Yes”.

This system has worked for virtually thousands of families/friends of prisoners in almost all States.

ONE FINAL NOTE: Please check w/your incarcerated loved one before setting up this system. There is at least one southern State [Tennessee] where the prison system has "outlawed" this practice [not legal, but done anyway] and the prisoner who's family sets this up may receive a charge for doing so! This is the only negative I have heard about RCF in the 5 years we have shared this information!

Feel free to post your questions/comments/thoughts about this wonderful LEGAL cost-saving alternative to prisoner phone calls

Elaine [aka "egs"]

08-21-2002, 03:15 PM
sounds great to me!!!! Thanks!

freedom anjel
08-21-2002, 03:54 PM
OOOHHHHH!!! I like this. I will get started on it next week, cause I get 2-3 calls a day at 6.20 for every 15 minutes. I am certain that I can save some dinero!!

08-21-2002, 03:56 PM
Do you know if I can call forward to a number outside of the USA ?

08-21-2002, 04:03 PM
In response to the question if you could set up remote call forwarding to outside the US...hmmm, that's a really good question!
I am really just thinking "out loud" here but it would seem to me that if you [in Canada, yes?] are using the same long distance provider companies as is used in the US [i.e., Verizon, AT&T, MCI, Sprint], that yes, it could be done.

There might be some international snafu that may apply, but what can it hurt in the trying? I for one, would really like to know if you were able to set this up to Canada, or not!

Elaine [aka egs]

08-21-2002, 06:10 PM
Well I know from the way its set up now Sprint USA bills my Bell Canada account (sprint is who is handling the collect calls from the prison James is in). We have Sprint in Canada but it is completely separate and they dont work together, as I found out recently when I tried to get information on the rate I was being billed. Im really not sure how this would work but I'll tell you I havent stopped thinking about it, my recent 1300 + phone bill is kind of fueling this big time. I think my biggest problem would be for a local phone company near the prison to let me have a line since Im in Canada, but I figure its worth a try if I offer to pay everything the whole time I will need it up front which will hopefully be June. I just wished I knew someone that lived near there that I could have help me set this up. From what Im figuring out, it will cost me so much less this way if I can do it. One phone call from James is costing me over 26 - 28 bucks for 15 min. So you can imagine how it can add up pretty quick. Right now I have to watch even what I eat in order to pay bills. I have his dad helping me out with some of it though but still it all makes me really sick big time. If I can find a way to make this RCF thing work it really would be a blessing beyond words. I still cant even visit him since they still havent gotten back to me over the third visitation application Ive sent (2 have been lost ) though I have it confirmed this time that they actually received it. James is basically freaking out with worry. Even when I get the visitation approval I dont know how I could possibly afford it or even have a way to get to that remote piece of nothingville. So,,guess I vented again,,,I will post anything I find out regarding this, since Im sure Im not the only person outside USA getting collect calls.

08-25-2002, 06:03 PM

I recently spoke with several services that do remote call forwarding and yes, they will do it to Canada. I live just outside of Toronto and I checked to the point of actually signing up. What eventually stopped me was the exchange rate on US money for us right now. By the time you take the installation fee and the monthly rent for the local line and the monthly admin charge and then the connection fee and the l/d charge - all in US dollars, I was no better off. Now the clincher! You MUST have a US address to bill the virtual phone to. The companies that I spoke to will not take a credit card or prepay or anything like that. You MUST have a US address for the bill to go to.

If anyone is interested, I have a few web sites and phone numbers to about 5 or 6 different companies that do this.

Also, although I have not investigated this, but for us Canadians, could there be a service here that would do the same thing? I don't know anyone in prison in Canada so I don't know if Canadian prisoners and families suffer the same horrible charges?

Let me know if you want more info.


08-25-2002, 10:07 PM
Great... I'm sending for information on this in the morning... it sounds wonderful. Right now I pay $17.34 for 15 minutes..... Thank you for the info.


08-26-2002, 07:41 AM
this is really great info....I live in Jersy and my fiance is in NY-I'm going ot have to check into this-because recently the phone has been getting OUT OF CONTROL!
I'm know you all can realte to that though:)

08-28-2002, 10:45 PM
Gina, I just read you post and I wanted to share this info with you. You can also read more about the company in the thread: New Phone Company, Privatelines shutting down.

Brianhelps, (a member here at PTO) is the president of this company and it is located in New York. I do believe he will be able to offer you a lot of savings on your phone calls. He is set up to assist families with inmates in New York right now. He is also working on setting up locations in Virginia, and I will go with his service immediately.

Please e-mail or call the 1 800 number and tell them you heard about his service from PTO. If he is available, I believe he will talk to you right away!

Let me know how it goes...


PS...I believe David is working on something with Brian, as we speak, to promote this great service to all our members. It is a new service, and only available at the current time, with a few states, but the more members we get contacting him and letting him know what States they need this service in, the sooner he will be able to help!

08-31-2002, 04:21 PM
I have heard from LOTS of folks thruout the US [I've been dealing w/prison phone call issues for over 6 years] that many of these companies are rip-offs. They promise alot but in some cases, these companies are fly-by-night...that is, here today and gone tomorrow....WITH YOUR MONEY!!!! In other words, one gets scammed or "conned" [sorry for the use of that word! lol]. I hate to say it but going thru the conventional phone companies with remote call forwarding [see original post of this thread] is probably the safest bet. These less than ethical companies are taking advantage of those of us who are desparate to reduce our phone bills. Please remember when there is a "middle-man" company involved, someone else's pockets get lined with your money.

If it SOUNDS to good to be probably is!!!

Please check out the company carefully before signing long have they been in business, what States are they working with, what are the common problems they have experienced, how do they set up the system [do they work with other telephone companies?], etc.....


09-05-2002, 05:22 PM
My Questions are for Elaine or anyone else who may know,

First - thank you for all this information, question - how do we find out if Florida is a State that may have a problem with this? Second - this is legal - but do you have any idea what the prison will do if they determine this is a call forwarded? Presumably they would not be pleased as MCI and the FLDOC make a whole lot of money. I would appreciate any further information. Thank you

09-05-2002, 05:30 PM
Ken this is the number to MCI that you need to dial from Canada - I posted it in another forum and don't know where ;-) MCI Inmate Telephone 1 800 937-1048
Also can you send me the list of phone companies you spoke about here earlier in this string to my mail box address (e-mail address removed per PTO policy)

Thanks again

09-05-2002, 06:27 PM
Ateeyah, et al,
As far as I know there is only one state where the DOC has blocked the use of RCF and that is Tennessee [their actions are not legal but who says DOC's watch their "p's and q's?"]. Secondly, I checked out the RCF process with four different attorneys[3 do lots of prison-related work and know lots about prison systems, etc...]. All 4 said the process is legal b/c there is NO WAY for a prisoner to manipulate the RCF system. In fact, the way RCF works it is totally transparent to the caller. For example, if I started a business in Philadelphia but wanted to market myself as "local" to possible customers in southern NJ, I would set up a remote call forwarding system so the caller from south NJ would call a local phone number--unbeknowst to the caller, the call they placed is being forwarded to my business line in Philadelphia! The caller does not pay a long-distance charge--the long distance bill is charged to the owner of the RCF telephone lines. BTW, this is exactly how and why RCF was started in the first place!!! Today, many businesses use toll-free phone numbers [since the price for such has been reduced] but when the price for such service was very expensive, RCF was used by many businesses.
Hope this information is helpful....

09-06-2002, 05:45 AM

Thanks for that number! I will try it today - I had a long conversation yesterday with MCI and I told them of a friend that had a similar problem between Canada and a US Prison and that Global was involved and you fixed it by calling the Warden and it was just a "routing" problem. She was interested in this information and took notes and said that she would pass it on to her supervisor. I am not hopeful that it will work...? I have no faith at this point.

I took the advice of another that has experienced this problem before many times and I have gotten a second number and sent that to my partner. Hopefully it will cure the problem - it has for this other person. I will know by Monday if the new number works.

Today however I will be on the phone with MCI again and if I don't get any satisfaction then I am going to try to escalate it to a higher level... Yeah, like they care...

09-09-2002, 11:22 PM
i called today and got RCF it will cost 30.00 a month and i got the long distance 4 5cents a minute. the collect calls now r 16.0 4 15 minutes.i think i will save a bundle... thanks 4 the info...

09-12-2002, 06:50 PM to how this all works.

My guy, Shawn, is incarcerated in El Dorado, Kansas, and I am here in Providence, RI. Currently, the facility he's in uses AT&T as its long distance/collect carrier, and to get calls from inmates you must also have AT&T as your carrier as well. What I need to know is how, exactly, the RCF will "get around" the AT&T service there....Even if I set up a local number in KS, and have the calls "forwarded" to my phone here in RI, doesn't AT&T still make the original call from the prison, and charge me the same rate (almost a &^%$*& dollar a minute!!!!!)? Or if I cancel my service with AT&T, will "local" collect calls Shawn makes to my (new) number there in KS, be routed through the local phone company instead of AT&T?

I know I have to do something---my phone bill from the last two months is over $500, and I just can't afford it anymore.

Help! I am confused! LOL :D

Susan in Providence

09-13-2002, 10:33 AM
If I read your question correctly...once the call "hits" the local phone number in KS, it gets automatically forwarded to your phone in RI. Two different phone numbers...two different charges. So, you should only get charged for a local collect call from the prison phone to the local number in KS and then once the call is forwarded to your phone in RI it is charged at the normal long distance rate.
I'm not sure how AT&T would know that the phone you are sending the call to in KS is then hitting a call forwarding line, or not! I would think [although I may be wrong] that the long distance carrier that would offer you the best price [i.e., Sprint, Verizon, etc...] could tell you this information.

BTW, I am really curious to know how the State of Kanas and/or the DOC of Kanas has the right to tell family members/loved ones what long distance carrier they must have in order to receive calls from KS prisoners....this sounds like an illegal monopoly to me and may not even be true. In the 7 years I have been dealing with prisoner phone issues thruout the US, I have never heard of such a thing! It would be an interesting thing to check out. When I had MCI for my RCF and on the few occasions I received a collect call from a prisoner using the regular collect call procedures, that call would be listed on my MCI bill as a collect call from AT&T separately. I have to assume that it would be the same situation with other long distance carriers. All prisoner calls I received were coming from NJ to PA.

You may want to check with the FCC to see if the KS mandate of having to use AT&T is legal!!! Something does not seem right about this at all! Maybe Shawn can check around and see if any other prisoners know if those they call don't have AT&T as their long distance carrier and still recieve calls successfully. If it's not too difficult maybe Shawn and you can "test" this by putting someone you know on his phone list who doesn't have AT&T and see if he can call them, or not. Just brainstorming here b/c this is not right!!!
Hope you will let us know what you find out!
My best....

09-13-2002, 10:49 AM

My understanding of this is that any Inmate can make a local call out - because they may have family that is local. There may be a small charge per minute and possibly a connection fee as well. Then YOU select the long distance carrier that YOU want and will give you the best rate for long distance from state to state.

If AT&T are managing the call out of the correctional facility, they will not know that it is being remote call forwarded. This will be seemless to everyone involved. It will simply seem as though the person calling from the facility is making a local call.

I would not talk to AT&T about this and even tess Shawn not to talk about it - just dial the new number.

There is some work involved to set this all up, but from what I understand it is cheaper than going with one of the fly by night companies that offer to do this for you. These companies are only going through the same motions that you would personally and they will charge you a monthly admin fee to do so. Do it on your own and you will save.

09-13-2002, 11:20 AM
This message is for Ken
I have been trying to reach you by email and I posted it in one of these string - but in the 7th post in this string you mentioned that if anyone wanted the RCF information you had acquired - to let you know. I would like that information so if you wouldn't mind letting me know IF you have it still. Thanks again

09-13-2002, 02:50 PM

Sorry, yes you did ask and I fully intended to get that information to you and forgot! Please forgive me...? I think that in my mind I sent it to you but in reality I did not!?!? LOL

Anyway, here are the companies that I am aware of. I am hesitant to recommend the services with any of these companies however because I don't know anyone that has used them. The information in this post of setting up your own remote call forwarding line seems to me to be the way to go. One or two of the companies below advertise in Prison Legal News.

Inmate Family Services 1-866-446-6283 or

Tele-net Inc. 1-888-299-7800 or


09-13-2002, 03:09 PM
Thanks very much Ken - I will check them out or try and do it myself. I appreciate your help.

09-14-2002, 12:45 AM
Elaine - Thank you very much for this information! As soon as I read your post, I immediately checked into this and got a line set up! It was very inexpensive - $6.95 connection fee and $7.00 a month. I am going to ask Kev to try it out tonight, so I'll let everyone know how it worked! I hope I save a lot of money! Thanks again!!!!!!!

09-16-2002, 10:46 AM
UPDATE! Well, so far this is working out great! Kev was able to get through to me without any problems, and today I checked the rate for the call and it was only $4.65 for a 15 minute call! We were paying almost $9.00 per call! So now we can talk twice as long for the same amount of money. This is definitely something people should look into doing. I wish I would have known about it 10 months ago!

09-17-2002, 07:39 AM
Glad to hear RCF is working for those who have set it up!!!

Most of the companies that advertise [as mentioned in a previous post] charge you an administrative cost for doing the "leg/phone work" on your behalf. You can save this charge by setting up the RCF line yourself as outlined in the first post of this thread. Once the line is set up, and the phone company explains the setup/maintenance costs associated with this line it should work no differently than your regular phone service. So, who needs the "middle man" administator?
egs [elaine]

09-17-2002, 02:36 PM
Has anyone from Michigan tried this? I WANT to, I'm just scared that MDOC will find out and we'll lose phone privilages. I would pay what we are now than maybe lose calls. Also, someone said on here that we have to tell them that we are disconnecting a previous phone. What does that mean? Also, my billing is by Correctional Billing Service. Will this call forwarding still work? Thanks.


09-17-2002, 06:51 PM
James told me (Michigan prison) that even if I had a local number he can only dial threw the same way he dials me now and it would be charged as long distance so I dont know how a local number would change anything. Anyone have any info on that ? He has a bud there whose girlfriend moved locally and she still gets billed even though she lives a couple miles from the prison. Is this correct do you think ? Sounds like the ultimate ripoff to me. Someone better do something pretty darn fast in the courts against all this stuff, its really sick in my eyes. And for the record also I now have my second number blocked so my knickers are in a serious twist over this.

09-19-2002, 12:33 PM
Ok, now I'm more frustrated than ever!

I called Southwestern Bell's 1-800 number, to set up an RCF line....Southwestern Bell handles all local installations in Kansas. I was told that I needed to have a "physical address" in Kansas, to set up a residential line. Helllloooooooo???? I told the service rep---if I HAD an address in Kansas, I would be living there, and would not need forwarding here to Rhode Island! Aggggggg! I questioned the woman I spoke to, even had her ask her supervisor if RCF was a possibility---in a word, "No". Then, I was told that they DO offer a business line (as described in an earlier post, before 1-800 lines were widely available) that would offer a forwarding service--it's called "TeleBranch". BUT, that service does not accept collect calls!!!!!!!

I then called TeleNet, one of the services mentioned in this forum, that plays "middleman", and can set all this up for me. Their explanation of what they offer (and how it's done, especially) seemed simple enough, but like egs said---if I could do all the legwork myself, so much the better (and cheaper!!!) The one-time setup fee is $39, and there is a $3.95 monthly service fee for their services. This is in addition to the cost of the local line in Kansas (monthly fee of $16.00 to Southwestern Bell), and the per-call charges ($3.25 connection fee, 15 cents a minute). There is also a set-up fee of $26.50 for Southwestern Bell to assign me a local number, as well as a refundable $50 deposit, given the nature of the call setup (an...oh my all know the drill). Those last two charges I expected, and would pay them even if I did all this on my own, without TeleNet's services. But the rep at TeleNet seemed annoyed when I insisted on reassurance that if I laid out the $$$, then the service would work (i.e. calls would get to me). He said they have customers at El Dorado (where Shawn is), as well as Hutchison and Ellsworth (other KS prisons). But you know the saying..."If it seems too good to be true......." I just want to know that I am not going to get screwed, since I am obviously unable to set this up myself.

I am very frustrated...I feel like I am getting nowhere. And I am so worried about Shawn...he is getting more depressed again, and they are on the verge of sending him back to Larned (a KDOC mental health facility, which he has been in before). I miss his voice so much---being able to talk to him makes such a difference to both of us in how the time passes. AT&T has blocked my line, because of "abnormally high call patterns". Well, YES---I have never been involved with an inmate 1500 miles away before! No WONDER my bills have never been so high! Agggggggg! They wanted this month's bill paid in full, 2 weeks before the due date, and at least 1/2 of NEXT month's bill paid, before they will lift the block. I have had AT&T for 15 years as my long distance provider, and am thoroughly disgusted--I've never had a single late payment with them. Yet they are treating me like some deadbeat, not even waiting for me to send my payment in before demanding it, or they shut me off.

Can anyone give me information I may be missing on setting up the RCF line? egs? What now?????

Sorry to carry on like this...and sound so desperate...but I am. I am desperate to be able to talk to my man, and I am furious at AT&T for being a monopolizing bunch of bastards. And, I am deflated that the prospect of RCF may not even be possible for us after all.....I really thought it was to be the answer to unaffordable collect calls.

Thanks for listening....any and all advice is more than welcome!!!!!!!

Susan in Providence

09-20-2002, 07:29 AM

I know for a fact that another guy in Muskegon (where my husband is) would call his wife who lived in Muskegon and it was around $3 per call. I know when my husband calls me at our oldest son's house in Kalamazoo each call is a little over $3. I know I live up by Sault Ste Marie, Michigan and when he calls me each call is almost $9. I did e-mail Kay Perry and Penny Ryder who said call forwarding wouldn't work in Michigan. No explanation from them. HAS ANYONE IN MICHIGAN TRIED THIS???????????


09-20-2002, 11:39 AM
Deb, well that is good to know, I guess they dont always get the facts when they are in there. So I will be coming right threw your way in about 19 days (threw the Sault border). YOu wouldnt happen to know what the cheapest hotel in Kincheloe would be, and how you get there by bus or something else cheap from the Sault ?

09-20-2002, 11:52 AM
I signed up for a service that does the call forwarding thing and now the prison is refusing to put the number on his call list. HElPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! I am so frustrated. They claim that it is considered third party billing. I dont understand how that can be I'm the one paying for the calls. Secondly they say the number must match the adress. What? If they'd inquire with the company thats over the account they could verify I am the accounty holder. Even better still I would get the information from the company and submit it. They say that they are debating the issue now in the New York area. The company I used is called outside connections. Has anyone heard of it? Anyway I was wondering how long this debate has been going on. So if anyone in NYC area knows of this service or has applied for it and has been put on stand-by by their loved ones prison please contact me so I can get and idea of how long I will have to wait for their decision!!!

09-23-2002, 07:42 AM
I'm really sorry you have experiencing so many problems w/setting up RCF--definitely frustrating!!! I know there are some women who tried again--got a different customer service rep. who would set up the RCF. I think there are just some CSR's who are less than cooperative [and that is being polite] and others who will go out of their way. If you get the same answers, ask to speak directly to the supervisor.

Personally, I have never heard of a phone company requiring a physical address in the location of the RCF initial phone line--sounds like BS to me! Like you said if you had a physical address in Kanas or in the city near the prison....oh well!!!

Your experience w/Telnet is not unlike what I have heard from lots of others--no guarentees but glad to take your money, thank you very much!!! I'm not saying these companies don't provide a service--I'm just not convinced they provide quality service for the dollars spent. I really believe they are taking unfair advantage of a large group of people [family/friends of incarcerated individuals] who are desperate to find ways of saving money on phone calls. They remind me of all those ads who "steal" money from people looking for ways to drop those extra pounds!!!

It would be good to hear if anyone has had good experiences with any of these companies and how much money one is really saving by using their services. Maybe we can identify the honorable companies from those that are not!!!

In terms of the actions of AT&T r/t to your phone bill, I would check w/the FCC to see if their actions are permissable by their [FCC] standards. I believe there is a specific division of the FCC that deals with prisoner-related phone issues. Check their website. If you can't locate this division let me know and I will "dig" thru my files to see if I still have it.

I don't know if any of this helps...but we will keep working at it, right?!!!


10-04-2002, 02:13 PM

I just saw your note to me so sorry I didn't respond sooner. There's ONE motel in Kincheloe. It's right by the prisons. You can't miss it. Kincheloe is really tiny. I believe there is only a shuttle that goes from the Sault south. There are taxis, but you may want to rent a car----there's a rent a wreck in the sault that has cheap rates and decent cars. Most of the other rental car places are in Kincheloe and that doesn't help you get from the Sault to Kincheloe.

By the way I talked to my local phone company yesterday and they said remote call forwarding would work and that they do it for people. They didn't see how the prison would catch on, but in Michigan the guys have to turn in a phone list and they would notice if my husband changed my number to a local number with an address up here. I'm scared to try it although I want to. Any ideas anyone?


10-04-2002, 06:09 PM
thank you Debbie, I guess that is the Sunrise, cause that is where Im going. Im using the shuttle too. Thanks for responding and let me know how it goes if you use the local call thing.

10-04-2002, 10:45 PM
Deb couldn't he put the new number under a fake name on his list?