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12-06-2003, 07:30 PM
I was hoping someone here could help me. My fiance is charged with a "Walk Off/Escape" charge from a Halfway House ... does anyone know how much time he could do for that? I just heard he might have to do 30 Days in the Hole. =(

12-06-2003, 11:06 PM
It's hard to say. Technically a 'walk away' (aka escape) from a halfway house is no different than an escape from any prison. If this is a federal halfway house, it will be considered the same as an escape. It would be no different if he walked away from a prison camp.

The thing to remember about a halfway house is that the person is still serving a federal sentence. It makes no difference where he is.

Was there an arrest warrant issued? Was he arrested? Or did he turn himself in? Those are big questions.

Ultimately it will be up the US Atty to decide on what they want to do. The BOP may ask that he be charged, they may not., but it is the US Atty who decides to prosecute or not. I do know that because of some previous bad press relating to camp and halfway house escapes, the BOP really is pushing to have them prosecuted.

If they do prosecute, the average sentence imposed is around 18 to 24 months. This sentence will be consecutive to what ever else he had to serve.

Also, he will probably get some time in SHU (the hole as you put it) he will probably also loose some good conduct time from his current sentence as well. (They usually take around 47 day of GCT for camp/halfway house escapes. Although they can take more).

Just out of curiousity - WHY? If he is at a halfway house then that means that he is almost home. What possessed him to walk away?

I hope that I have answered some of your questions.

Take care and hang in there.


12-08-2003, 07:37 PM
Why? ... I don't know. I have still yet to speak to him. He was picked up Dec. 2nd and I have no clue how to get him some help. I just found out he is in CRAF and I don't know how long he will be there and just how long it will be before he can even write to me or his family.

Why is a very good question ... and Yes, he was almost out of there but I guess the thought of escaping to be free got the best of him. He has come along way ... the whole 2 yrs he was out he was Drug-Free and Working. When he did escape me and him were not together ... but we were just friends ... I wanted him to get his life straightened out and he did. It's why me and him were engaged.

See me and him were a couple before him landing in Jail ... the reason was because of Drugs ... and I had no clue on top of that ... so when everything happened ... my whole world came tumbling down and we broke up because I just couldn't deal with it. So, he hit rock bottom when I left and was put in Jail. I don't know if the thought of me and him ever getting back together got the best of him and he thought escaping would be his best bet cuz at that time I was dating other ppl to get over him.

What is it that they say? If you love something set it free and if it comes back then it's meant to be ... well it just happened that way and we were more in Luv then ever before. Now, after 2 yrs ... this comes up and he so does not deserve to be in there because he is not the person he was before.

Sorry for rambling on ... I am just missing him really bad right now and I feel so helpless. And your post to me was very informative and scary (meaning the time he might have to serve) ... I don't want to lose him to this system ... I want to be able to help him and I just don't know how. I tried contacting a Criminal Lawyer and there fee for a case like this runs about $15,000 to $30,000. Me, my family and his just don't have that kind of money.

Do you have any suggestions? BTW ... What is a BOP??

Tks for your post - I really appreciate it.

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12-08-2003, 07:43 PM
Ohhhh ok, tks. :)

12-17-2003, 12:00 AM
O.K. this is my specialty. I've had several homeboys that were in the halfway houses and had escaped. The first thing they look at is if you are a repeat offender and it's within your first 30-60 days there then you automatically go back to prison to do whatever your backup time is. But if he's been there for at least 60 days and he's never gotten a write up or gotten in trouble and he's doing all that he's supposed to the he should only get 30 days in the hole. I'm in Missouri and that's their rules. The reason they have the halfway houses are because they know that with this partial freedom they will f--- up. Plus they can't adapt back into society if they've been gone longer than a couple of years. Now as far as the escape warrant, it's normally issued when they have been gone 24 hours from the time they were supposed to return. But the bad thing is not them getting caught but when and if he does go back to prison he will have an escape on his record and he's not likely to get out to a halfway house again, it'll either be house arrest or they will 12/12 him so he has no parole. If you need anything else you know where I;m at. Good luck!!!!!!!!

12-17-2003, 09:26 PM
Since, the question Y came out before I thought I mention it. Well, I have received a few letters from him and the reason he never came clean with me about him escaping was because I once left him and he went thru so much to get me back that he was just afraid to tell me. Basically, he thought I would leave him. I am sure if he would have told me I would have freaked out but I don't know what I would have done because he had did a complete 360. In the end, it was best that this did happen now cuz it could have been worse, like me being pregnant, etc. So, we are gonna deal w/this together.

Now, he has mentioned in his letters that he has to do 30 days in the hole and he was going to see "CourtLine" this week. What is "CourtLine"?? Does anyone know? He also went on to say that he doesn't have an "Outside Charge" what he does have is a "Institutional Charge", which he will serve time in the hole. He said he has a max out date of 4/18/05. So, is "CourtLine" going to tell him his official release date?? or is that his release date?? I am a lil' confused ... anywayz, any info as alwayz is appreciated.

Also, what do you mean by "12/12" him? So, it looks like the 30 Day Hole thing is a rule here in NJ too. =( Thanks for your Post kevsbg! =)

12-20-2003, 08:13 PM
Ok, I just got another letter from my Fiance. He told me his appointment with "CourtLine" has been postponed because they can't find his "Paperwork". As you all know, he escaped from a Halfway House and he was picked up on 12/2. He was then taken to CRAF and was suppose to see "CourtLine".

So, they told my Fiance that if they don't find his "Paperwork" by next week his case will be dropped!

:dance: (Doing my Happy Dance over here)

:hmm: What does it all mean?

Could it mean they will release him?? :idea:

If that is the case I am praying that the "Paperwork" never shows up!! What does PTO think?

Say a prayer for us PTO ... :)

05-04-2012, 10:25 PM
i was late returning from halfway house here in alaska on a church pass i called to see about returning i was told that a warrant has been issued for unlawfull evasion failure to return. class c felony . I woul have returned asap but since thius charge was issued i am trying to find a lawyer to represent me anyone know what my chances on this case ? I figure i am screwed i only had 37 days left of sentence this was not a planned thing just got out of hand. any advice is appreciated got spooked

05-05-2012, 07:21 AM
They will find the papers so don't bank on that happening. It happens in many court cases and they get postponed, but in every case I have known, they have been found.