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12-02-2003, 02:54 PM
I am looking to find someone that has knowledge in requesting a modification to the sentensing judge. My fiancee wants to request a modification and has asked me to research and see the best way to go about it. Does anyone have any familiarity in submitting a modification in the state of Indiana - especially in Indianapolis - Marion County???

Any help is appreciated!

12-02-2003, 06:27 PM
Modification in what exactly? The sentence or another aspect of his case? Not specific enough for me to be able to offer any help.

12-03-2003, 08:07 AM
We are looking to get a sentence modification. We are trying to get him home sooner for good behavior, etc... in order to begin his community corrections at home on home detention, or daily reporting instead of having to wait until April.

Do you have any information?

Thank you!!!

12-19-2003, 06:51 PM
You can put in for your own mocification if you want i can explain how email me and i will let you know

12-22-2003, 07:17 AM

I clicked on the link on the profile section to email you and it said you designated to not receive emails through this post. Can you give me your email address?

leather green
12-22-2003, 12:59 PM
Hello I am new this is my firsr day. My soon to be step son will be going to jail then dept.of corrections... he goes to sentance date the 29th of dec. I hate to sound stupid but could someone tell me what happens next? I think there is and induction to the corrections where he will be sent first for a few weeks. he lives in indiana . also How much money and what kinds of things can we take him once he gets to his location... like a radio, tv, hygene products, etc... we live close to branchville within a hour Do they try and place them close to home???? Oh I forgot to mention he has a disability will that effect his placing or not.. thank you I would really appreciate any help... this is a very nice site . very helpful to people like me who know nothing about the dept. of corrections except the fact I never want to be faced with that but i do wish to help my soon to be step son... thank you all so much leather

12-22-2003, 11:52 PM
leather green,

i will try to answer what i do know, after your step son is sentence he will sit in county until they transport him to RDC ( which is what you were reffering to about getting his physical) he will be there for about a month then he will be placed in a facility that suites his security level (which he will find out after he goes to RDC) I am not so sure they will place them close to home my husband has been in 2 facilities so far and both have been approx. 2 hours from me. while he is in RDC he will be able to write you , and maybe call (not too sure there either) but that is pretty much it until he is placed in the facility he will do his time. you aren't allowed to send him items he has to purchase them while he is there which is where the money comes in, i am not sure if their is a limit of how much you can send but you have to make sure you send his money to him by a POSTAL MONEY ORDER with his name and DOC # (he will recieve the DOC # while in RDC) and mail it to him like you would a letter once he is at the faclity they place him in. usually you can purchase magazines or your local newspaper for him but you have to make sure it is mailed to him from the publisher, they seem to be real strict on that now. i am not sure about his disablity if they would send him to somewhere closer to home but maybe somewhere that is able to deal with the disablity. (not real sure on that one). by the way WELCOME TO PTO :D we are glad you are here to join our family. if you have any more questions please feel free to ask, that is what we are here for is to help one another.


12-23-2003, 09:56 AM
leather green,

I can fill in a few things Robin was unsure of. He cannot call while he is at RDC. RDC is located in Plainfield. He will be there at least 25 days - sometimes 35 days. You can call there after he has been there like 25 days. The official name is the Reception Diagnostic Center in Plainfield. Just ask them every day if he has been moved. That is the only way to know when he has been moved. While he is at RDC you can send him postal money orders and you can also mail him paper (no wire spirals bounds), envelopes, and stamps. Only send 3-4 weeks worth though because he can't take them with him once he gets sent to a facility. He cannot call the whole time he is there at RDC. My boyfriend is from Indianapolis and they sent him to Westville Indiana - which is 140 miles away from home. Not sure about the disability, you could probably call RDC after he has been there 2 weeks or so and ask to speak with someone and try to see how the evaluation went and if he will be placed somewhere to deal with his disability. I do not think there is a limit on the amount you can send him, but I do know you cannot take anything to him at RDC, and he cannot have anything taken to him at a facility. Everything he ends up getting must be bought on commissary - which comes from the money you send him.

Hope this helps, and yes...WELCOME!

12-24-2003, 02:13 AM
it is best if you don't send over a 100.00 at a time a friends brother sent 200.00 and they sent it back told him to get 2 money orders,i know branchville doesn't allow you to send stamps,paper or nothing. so far i been able to send a calendar. but they have to buy everything from commissary. sorry leather green i couldn't help you more.

12-25-2003, 04:54 PM
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