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09-10-2008, 01:50 PM
Information received from Douglas M. Papagni,
Director of Corrections
Madera County Dep. Of Corrections

Here is the list I received from Madera County DOC for items NOT ALLOWED in mail to inmates in Madera County Jail.

When addressing mail, use the following address (according to the MCDOC website):
Inmate's Name
Inmate ID #
14191 Road 28
Madera, CA 93638

NOTE: If you know their cell/bunk number, that might also help speed up delivery. You can find this out on the website under “Inmates Online” where it says “location”.

Tattoo patterns, gang logos/drawings, gang related writing. No drawings larger than 5x7”

Photos or drawings depicting gangs, weapons, drugs, unlawful activities, nude persons depicting sexual acts

No more than 10 photos per letter. No negatives, polaroids or posters. No photos larger than 5x7”. Children must be wearing clothes in all pictures

NOTE: I checked on this and there is no limit to the number of pages allowed in a “letter” just the number of photos in the letter. There is also no limit to the number of photos an inmate can have in their possession. Something else I found out from my fiancé, because he asked as well, is that there are no collages allowed (a composition of several photos on the same page)

No jewelry

Clothing, tobacco and food items are not permitted

Glitter, glitter/gel pen, stickers, glued items, correction tape/whiteout, hard plastic, metal or laminated items (including identification cards and prepaid phone cards) are not permitted.

Correspondents may not forward letters from one inmate to another

No envelopes, stamps or writing paper is permitted. No pens or pencils are permitted. No blank greeting cards are permitted.

Magazines and newspapers must come from the publisher. Tattoo magazines are not permitted. Magazine foldouts (such as centerfolds) will be removed from magazines.

Books must come from the publisher or recognized vendor. No hard cover books are permitted. Limit of five books.

NOTE: I found out that BORDERS and BARNES and NOBLE are 2 of the permitted vendors. Border’s sends USPS, but Barnes and Noble sends either UPS or USPS (if you mark that it’s an APO/FPO/PO Box). MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE ORDER SENT USPS (US postal service). Also, just send it like you would any other piece of mail.

No lipstick, hair or unknown substances (i.e. bodily fluids) are permitted

Greeting cards larger than 5x7” will be returned to the sender. No musical greeting cards permitted.

Oversized envelopes (standard is 9x4”) are not permitted, EXCLUDING legal mail.

Cash and checks (personal, employment, etc.) are not permitted.

Both INMATE and SENDER full name – first and last – are required on envelope. Sender must have a complete return address on envelope, otherwise the mail will be discarded/shredded.

One thing that I have done when writing is write only on one side of the page, that way if he needs to have paper for legal notes, drawings, etc., he can use the other side of the letters that I have sent.

On average, it takes about 2 days from the post mark to get here to Oregon. He said that nothing happens on Saturday or Sunday, so the latest he can drop mail and have it sent before the weekend is Thursday night. Outgoing mail isn't checked... he can seal the envelopes himself, something we weren't sure about when he first went in, and because when he was down there 8 or so years ago, outgoing mail had to be scanned as well. He seems to be getting mail in about 5 business days from when I send it, simply because they have to open and read it... possibly double scanning his mail due to his charges and him being in a segregated module.

Hopefully this info will be helpful to someone else on the board. I figured I would post it here and if a moderator wanted to move it to the Guidebook section they could.