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08-26-2008, 11:04 AM
These pictures were taken by Larry Steagall | Kitsap Sun Clallam Bay

Here is the Link:

08-26-2008, 11:05 AM
Here are some more by the same photograper

08-26-2008, 10:53 PM
I Don't know what his crime is, but this is a little in humane!!! that cell isnt even big enough for my dog:(

09-22-2008, 11:34 AM
i asked him about them this weekend since he was there, he knows what the cage thing is for...... and says yes it is very very small.
I explained everyone of the pictures... if i may ask how were these pictures taken?

12-29-2008, 01:10 AM
Care for some annotations? LOL. I recognize each and every picture.

The picture of a cell with someone standing in it (like a cage) is just a temporary holding cell in which people are strip searched before going into the hole.

the cell with the guy watching TV is a typical cell. ACtually the cells are too small (by federal standards) for two men, but CBCC got around that when they double-bunked them (early 90's) by claiming dayroom space as additional living space (because we had access to dayrooms all day then). Later, when the dayroom was cut off, I believe they claimed "emergency circumstances."

The picture of the guy getting pat searched (picture taken from behind inmate and a gaurd)... this is a funny spot. The building at left was built with budget given for additional recreation space as CBCC went from a 400 man prison to a 1200 man prison. However, the DOC commendered the top floor for their "TIDES" staff training program; the lower floor was the gym.

In about 1995, there was a fight in the yard (just 50 feet in front of the people in the picture) of about 20 people. A guard shot at one and missed. They fired warning shots forced people to the ground, then locked down the entire place.

As they brought the 200 or so men out of the yard in small groups, they strip searched every one on the asphault shown in this photo, while the secretaries in the training department above watched.

We were all locked down for about two weeks after that. I was in the MSU (Medium Security Unit), which is directly right of the photo. That means "dry" cells (no toilet), and we had to bang on the doors to get let out, one at a time... UGH!

12-29-2008, 08:17 AM
wow these pictures bring back memories. I use to work there.

03-03-2011, 11:26 AM
wow they do bring back some. i was in there making the coats and pants and all that