View Full Version : Class I-C time earned (finally free?)

08-22-2008, 02:29 PM
:) I'd like to know how good time is earned once Class I-C is reached.

In other words -- one day of actual time = __ days of 'good time' added to the day served? And when is the DOC website PE/TE date updated?

Many thanks ! :thumbsup:

08-23-2008, 08:50 AM
That is a tricky question. If he or she is not under 70% law or an A Felony which requires 1/4 then this is how it works. But remember it never works out exactly right or the way we think it should. BUT having said that here we go.

1st lets not talk in days lets talk months and years. If your loved one is sentenced to 5 years in prison they would have to serve 10 months or 2 months for each year sentenced. Now here is where it gets tricky. Jail credit--Whatever they are given at the time of the sentencing lets say 90 days. Then they have the option of taking those days off the front or the back or split. So lets say they take it off the front. And lets say he was sentenced January 1st. Once he is sentneced then its day for day till Diagnostics class II and then it changes again after hoe squad. So now you are IC and you had to wait 2 months to get to diagnostics it is now March 1st then 2 weeks to get to unit March 15th. Then hoe squad for 60 days but we all know that you dont get to unit and finish hoe squad and go up for class the same day. so we add a couple of weeks. Now it is June 1st. You get your IC. Once you get the job you have found out that your original 10 months on 5 years would give you a November 1st TE date but they gave you the 90 off the front so that moves you back 3 months so now your TE date is August 1st. Now to go to the board you have to be put up by your supervisor. That has to be done the month before you are elegible but you were elegible to go up May 1st now in the scenario you will not go up till August at the ealiest. Then you get the answer Sept. 1 or so and if you are 1st time down non violent you are guaranteed to go home and dont even see the board BUT hme check is required. another two weeks and then finally somwhere around October 1st they come home. The worst part about this are the people who hace 2-4 years as a rule they will go well past their TE date before they go home. You can go before the board as class II but I don't know of any case where someone went home from hoe squad. Believe me they are going to get their 60 day hoe squad. Thats the short answer and some may disagree with me but this is what I saw