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08-20-2008, 12:46 PM
My boyfriend is seving a 4 year sentence to San Luis Valley Corrections Center. Does anyone have any comments or concerns about this place? Good or Bad?

08-20-2008, 01:30 PM
My boyfriend is seving a 4 year sentence to San Luis Valley Corrections Center. Does anyone have any comments or concerns about this place? Good or Bad?

We honestly did not have any issues with SLVCC. I have even refereed people on here to there because it worked out so well for him. My husband got there from prison in around March 06 for the IRT program and 45 days later went to CC. The case manager he had was cool and always worked his passes really good for us coming down on the weekend ect. He was out of CC about Oct. or Nov. 06 released to ISP and had not problems with that. He is now about to finish up his mandatory Parole and is still in Alamosa. We built a house there and all, but I just recently moved back to Grand Junction with our kids. The kids and I moved down there in Jan 07 but things are working so well so we are back here.

07-17-2009, 10:04 PM
I on the other hand disagree completely with the above post. I have had first hand experience with this facility and NOTHING good has come of it.

First off it is run by Freddy Martinez who does not even have a high school diploma. He flunked out of high school and received his G.E.D. He treats the inmates as though they are not human beings but rather low life's of society and encourages his staff to do the same.

Under him are his COUSINS(which is against department policy) Yolanda Martinez, and Tessa Martinez who run the female side although they are not authorized nor hired to do so. Yolanda ironically started her career at com-cor while on probation for embezzlement from a gas station among many other ambitious jobs she previously held! Most of their shift is spent either talking on the phone or sleeping threw their graveyard shift.(really safe for the inmates, right!?)

There are many, many illegal activities going on at this facility by staff members who are either related, or ignorant. Which is how you keep a job or stay at this facility as a client. Anyone who has common sense, an education, or grew up with Freddy and know how corrupt he is are immediately regressed or fired from the facility.

An example of how in humane this facility is- The microwaves were removed from all areas of the facility as well as coffee pots or anything containing hot water or used to make things warm. The temperature of the warm water is turned down so there is no such thing as "hot water". So basically the clients have no options for warming anything or eating anything hot. They are trying to make and eat Ramon noodles with cold water which is nearly impossible.

To cut the story short, take a prison sentence and do yourself a favor, at least there you will be treated like a human being!

I guarantee if you are sentenced to this facility you will end up either spending more time then you are supposed to serve, under un-humane circumstances, or you will be regressed within a week for standing up for yourself.

These are just a few examples-very minor statements to what you will be getting into at slvcc!

07-17-2009, 10:52 PM
Have you tried filing a formal complaint against them? I know the local news channels here investigated one of the halfway houses in Englewood. Unfortunately a lot of the far away cities have very few "qualified" or professional people who are interested in working at a halfway house especially for the low pay. DOC's budget request for this year was the largest one in history at $722 million. Kind of makes you wonder where the money is going since they are obviously not spending it to attract qualified professionals.

07-25-2009, 05:01 PM
There were three facilities that were owned and operated by the same group. One of them was The Villa in Greeley (Weld County). They were investigated for illegal activities and eventually closed. Weld County has a new ComCor facility open now at the jail, but the old one is gone. So, there is a limit to their illegal activities and an element of policing such (just not enough).