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08-19-2008, 02:10 PM
Does anyone have information on the RID program in Fort Supply regarding visitation, phone calls, levels, etc. My son is suppose to be going to the RID program on a Delayed Sentence. He is still in County jail waiting to be moved to LARC then to the program. We cannot get any information from his lawyer and I don't want to make phone calls to delay anything or to get him in trouble. This is the first time he has been in trouble so he is a little worried about what will be happening.:(

08-19-2008, 11:57 PM
Hello klhtexas and welcome to PTO.

I hadn't even heard of the RID program until I read your post just now, so out of curiosty I went to the OK DOC website and ran a search. (key words: RID Program) It turned up this abstract paper with all of the details about this program, so hopefully it'll answer your questions. (Us Moms want to know all the details...right! I hear ya on that one! ;) ) Well thsi has them!

But basically to me it sounds like it's OK DOC's version of 'shock probation' in a bootcamp setting. Here is the link for that paper.

(it was archived so you may have to just copy/paste the url into your
browser address bar. Or just go to the DOC site and run your own search.)