View Full Version : Pointers on Posting - Please Read

08-10-2008, 12:35 PM
Pointers on Posting:
Many new members of PTO are anxious to have their questions answered. If you take a few minutes to learn how to place your post effectively you are more likely to get the answers you need.

Start by finding the forum for the state or country of the prison system you are involved with. Do this by scrolling down on the main page (the one that says Welcome to PTO at the top). When you click on a state or country forum you will find sub forums for issues like visiting, phones, mail, news, legal issues and usually forums for individual prisons.

If you have several questions please split them up by subject so that they can be posted in the appropriate forum. Visiting questions in visiting, legal questions in the legal forum, etc.

If you have questions about conditions or rules at a specific prison it would be best to post in that prison's forum. Some threads have specific labels like "lockdown alerts" intended for verified information only. If you want to vent about the lockdown, you can start a new thread or post in that prison's "chit chat" thread.

Often there are "sticky" threads at the top of a forum that may explain posting guidelines or give other information. Please take the time to read the stickies--they will help you.

If your post is a better fit in another place it will be moved by a moderator and you will receive a private message (PM) explaining the move. If you receive one of these messages please do not reply.

Thread Titling:
When you post a new thread you will be prompted to give it a title. It helps everyone when the title reflects what the thread is about. "Help" or "Help with the phones" are not as good as "I need help removing a phone block".

Please take a moment to give some thought to your title. Good titles get good responses. Titles like "Emergency" , "Please help" or anything that is not specific enough will be changed by a moderator.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to PM any staff member. Staff have user names that are green, dark blue, Orange, red or purple. We are all happy to help.