View Full Version : Pardon in Arkansas

07-10-2008, 05:30 PM
Hello everyone. I got a class C felony for "Poss. of Valium with intent to deliver" in Arkansas in 1998. I have applied a total of three times for a Pardon. The first was under Gov. Huckabee and was denied.(the board voted without merit) The second was under Gov. Beebe and recieved a "take no action"(board voted with merit) This third time I will find out in August how the board will vote.(with or without merit).
Question. Is there some sort of rhyme or reason to the pardon process? Something like "you have to apply three times before you have a chance to be granted? I have not been in any more trouble since this one and only offense. It would seem that I am getting closer to being pardoned. I realize that the Governor cannot approve everyone, especially since Huckabee caused such a scandal, but Mike Beebe seems like a fair and sensible man, and I like his leadership. What are your opinions of my chances? Thanks in advance for any help.
BTW, I hold a medical license and had my conviction expunged in 2005, I am desperatly needing a pardon.