View Full Version : any news about ElReno, Ok?

11-23-2003, 09:30 PM
Hello Everyone,
I talked to FED-X right after signing up on PTO.Man,he's real
helpful...Thanks David.He suggest just let it out and see what
I was just convicted(convicted felon possession of fire arm).
I'm doin U/A's and checking in USPO every week(as agreed via OR bond)since june 03'.I guess it don't matter if previous
charge was 17 1/2years ago.The 410 shotgun that didn't have
shells,clip,or fireing pin that was in the trailer, I didn't own seems didn't matter either....(boo/hoo). ENOUGH OF THAT!!!
Sentenceing is sometime after X-mas.I'm going to request a
self-surrender(hopefuly get that),and try to go to El Reno camp.I hope peg legs are welcome...sure don't want one of those medical nut faclities...ANYONE with info.PLEASE let me
know.I set this up for Kathlene(my sanity&rock).I'm hopeing
she'll be able to talk to those in the know.

Hey! David...Think maybe I could get one o'tho's smiley thangs???(maybe somethin' like a devil on a chopped out
scooter)...again THANX

11-25-2003, 01:33 PM
PLEASE....someone let me know any info.THANX ALL.