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06-25-2008, 10:41 PM
I posted something on here about House Bill 406 that goes into effect on July 1, 2008. This state is in dire need of prison reform. I am sure most other states are, also. I am thrilled that at least this new Kentucky Governor-Beshear is trying to do something about the prison system. More than what many of them in the past have done. People on the outside, that dont have a loved one in prison, simply forget that inmates are human beings, too. My son has wrote me so many times "Prison doesnt rehabilitate the man, the man rehabilitates himself." That maybe a universal quote that he heard, but he will tell you himself, that it is so very true. They just put these men and women behind bars and do little else for them. And they need to check deeper into the guards in these prisons. Kentucky State Reformatory became smoke-free maybe 2 yrs. ago. There were guards bringing in cigarettes and making a fortune off of the inmates. Making a prison smoke-free anyway was ridiculous. What little else do the inmates have. And you can get about any drug you want in prison. All these things are not just being passed in any visiting area either. There are some decent guards I am sure. I know it has to be a hard job. But many guards get off on treating inmates like they are subhuman. Yes, they need to do much more to help inmates rehabilitate. Many of inmates return to prison because they were simply put behind bars and forgotten by the system. I am all for this change. The county where my son lived and was prosecuted, were known for throwing the book at people. Prosecutors and judges need to be kept in check on this. I hope this new reform helps that problem as well. Just some of my opinions. I maybe right and I could be wrong in these beliefs. But I have done this time with my son. I know many things about the system needs changing desperately. My son is at his 6 month mark. So his time is about over. But I want this reform for those who are still on this hard path and for those yet to come. These are human beings afterall. No matter what they have done. They are still human beings. They deserve a chance, as all human beings make bad decisions and mistakes. All of us have at some point and time in life.

06-27-2008, 07:22 PM
Trust me, I know what you are talking about. Since my husband quit smoking it dont affect him any longer. But what I didnt understand when KSR went smoke free is that the darn prison is almost a 100 damn years old. My husband used to be there and I really liked the place, except it took too long to get in the visit room and the waiting room was very small. I would be more understanding of a brand new prison that just got built being smoke free instead of a stupid place that has been around since the early 60's. My husband is at GRCC and I hate that place, the drive takes forever and the guards are shitty, most of them are anyways.

I dont know what the House bill thing is you are talking about but so far all this stuff they are doing now dont affect us. The street credit and whatnot. My husband went back on more charges so none of that will affect him. He should parole next year, but it would be nice to get a call saying come and get me. I would dream of that call before next June. Its never about reform in prison it is about total control. My husband has went thru the SAP program twice and they told him if he did he would parole, he didnt. It was like they didnt tell him to do it.

The system dont try to rehabilitate inmates at all. I dont know why it is just taking until now to see their approach isnt keeping inmates out. My husband is a repeat offender and has been since he was a kid. I do in my heart think he is done this time. They hate him here, and if he does get out, I hope we can pack our bags and move to Florida :)

07-14-2008, 10:59 AM
This has been a life long issue at hand. Rehabilitate.... hmmm I agree it's within a man. Even if they prison did have a good system in place a person has to want the change. You can't change anyone who doesn't want the change within himself. However, at the same instance the system isn't exactly doing what they say they do. It's frustrating and I too have a lot of faith in Beshear. Change can be positive.