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06-08-2008, 01:15 PM
I HATE Visitation! The Last Time I Went To Visit Him They Yelled At Me Because My Plain T-Shirt Was Not Appropiate Because I Was "Too Pretty && Would Call To Much Attention To Myself". Yesterday I Wore A Baggy T-Shirt && Simple Jeans. The COs Made Me Put On One Of The Inmate Uniform Shirts Because She Says "You Would Be Endangering His Welfare By Wearing That Because It Shows Off The Size Of Your Boobs, && Youre Too Much Of A Pretty Girl." WTF!!:angry: What Am I Supposed To Do? Walk In Wearing A 4XL Sweat Shirt? Thats Not Fair! Im Not Trying To Get Attention I Just Want To Be Able To See My Fiancee You Bi0tch! Then Towards The End Of The Visit He Got Upset && Was Crying Because He Feels Like He Cant Get Through His Shock Program. So Of Coarse I Started Crying Because I Hate Seeing Him Break Down Like That. Were Sitting There Across The Table From Eachother Wiping The Tears Off Eachothers Faces && A CO Comes Over && Physically Pushes Our Hands From Eachother && Says That If He Sees Us Touching Again Hell Get My Visiting Rights Suspended!! Arrrrg!! I Hate This Ish!!:angry:

06-08-2008, 01:20 PM
what a bunch of A$$H****!!! i am so sorry to hear how they treat you up there... i know how it feels, believe me. just hang in there and know that those nasty COs CANNOT define your love && that better days are coming. Meanwhile just fuss at them... but swallow the words before you speak em! BE STRONG!

06-08-2008, 01:32 PM
Wow, I know how you feel, but be thankful they were kind enough to give you a inmate shirt. They would never be that nice at my husbands prison. I never where white, it is trouble waiting to happen. I work a pink fleece jog set once and they made me leave, but the week after I seen a girl with the EXACT one on in light brown, and she made it thru. I drove over 100 miles and have been terminated twice, once for what I had on, and the other time they made me leave because he "Hugged me wrong", and put him in the hole for 90 days.

If those CO's actually said that to you "about the boobs and you're too pretty, I would definately address that issue with the warden or someone!!!!!!!! That is harrassment, even if they thought that, they should never say that to you as a person. I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe to get in my husbands prison and just in November they changed the rules again, after I went and bought hoodies, etc. I hardly have anything I can make it thru their bullshit with, so 9/10 I end up looking like a slob. I should just wear his clothes in there.

I have big boobs too, LOL and they have never said shit to me, and I dare them to, I will file a grievance so fast their head would spin and if they didnt do nothing, I would go to the commisioner of the DOC!!!!!!! Trust me my husbands partners notice my boobs more than the staff does, LOL.

06-08-2008, 02:47 PM
Stinkybaby22... don't let them discourge you from visiting. That is exactly what they are trying to do. They don't like the fact that your guy has a beautiful woman by his side that is willing to stand beside him. I can only imagine what they have to go home to each night. Like Luvhim said fuss at them in your head just swallow the words before they come out. Look at them and smile and don't let them see that they are getting to you. I too have a went out and have "special" clothes for visits. Ones that can pass. But that is always subject to change depending who is checking you in. So just make sure you have an extra outfit in the car.
Stay strong and don't let them win.

06-08-2008, 03:08 PM
i know one prison where they do that to many visitors. it is not about being too pretty or less pretty, it's at the discretion of the c/o's and mood.... one day a sweater is ok, the following day the same sweater is not ok no more(and same co!). yes,it is very frustrating, i have had to wear tee's 4 times my size, almost down to my knees , looking like hell. of course we want to look nice for our love one but...they have the power,we don't. my visits at that prison were more important that my look and as complaining is a no go....there are no other option than bringing a xx l tshirt to please the yoyo dress code and pray he'll be transfer very,very soon. roch

06-08-2008, 04:34 PM
Thanks Girls For Your Support. But Yes The CO Actually Said Those Things To Me Word For Word. Shes A Female, So Idk If It Would Still Be Harassment? But Hes Getting Transfered On The 18th Anyway, So Only 1 More Visit. Maybe Ill Where A Bra Thats A Size Too Big To Flatten My Boobs That Are "Too Big" && One Of His XXL T-Shirts!:blah:

06-08-2008, 04:45 PM
I get crap about my clothes at my husbands prison all the time too. They do the same thing that roch was saying, about one thing being ok one day and the next it's not. I get so freakin mad!! I have had to go buy clothes just to visit my husband in and a lot of it they still stay something about. That also goes for hair clips, some co's will let me wear clips and some won't. I'll be so glad when he comes home so I can tell them to stick their rules where the sun don't shine cause I don't have to follow them any more! Hang in there girl!

06-08-2008, 05:07 PM
good for you if you have 1 visit left ! to mention harrassement is not a good idea. i recall when i showed my surprise to the co about my sweater being all a sudden indecent(i'm size 5, sweater was size xl,way bellow my bottom...),another co asked what was happening and the co at the desk said that i was <there all the time(2nd visit in four months)and that i was trying to make trouble>.i only asked 1 question....and as a result was warned that if i was not quiet ......

06-08-2008, 06:21 PM
That's awful. I never have dealt with any issues like that thankfully. Where was this visit at?

06-08-2008, 06:50 PM
Lakeview Girl! They Never Gave You Any Poop When You Were There For Your Boo?

06-08-2008, 10:26 PM
They never gave me ANY garbage there. I found it to be quite a pleasant experience actually. I've got DDs here too so... wtf is up with that?! I visited 3 times and once I couldnt pass the detector due to staples from surgery and I didnt have any issues.

Do you know where your boo is going after?