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11-19-2003, 10:46 AM
My husband was just transferred to Marion. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the institute, or if they have loved ones there. He was classified as level one, and may be eligible for the camp there, and I'm not sure what that even means! Any info would be great. Thanks!

11-19-2003, 11:31 AM
You may access any information about ODC at Just clik on institutions and onto

11-23-2003, 06:26 AM
Hi there, My Rocky is being transferred there in the morning, He has been in max for 20 yrs now . Finally getting medium. Hope we can help each other in the future..


11-23-2003, 11:41 AM
Les has been in prison in Ohio for 26 years & has been in Marion CI for a while now; he says it's the best place he's been. The warden is a woman who sees to it that the food is good & nutritious (which means a lot to him); I've seen a menu & it sounded good to me! They have a lot of programs & work opportunites. It's still prison, of course, but he says that Marion is "soft" compared to where he's been in the past; that there is very little violence.

Hope that helps.


11-23-2003, 08:51 PM
Thanks Adrienne, I feel better already..

11-24-2003, 03:37 AM
Thank you so much Tess and Adrienne. We are leaving this morning for our first and the three kids. He does say it is not to bad. He will be working in the kitchen so that he can eventually tutor others (apparantly you have to work there first before you work anywhere else.) I'll post tonight to let you know how it goes. Thanks so much

11-25-2003, 04:21 PM
Thanks Franniemae, Can't wait to hear how the visit went.. Please let me know. Where are you? Be nice if we lived close. I'm in the Steubenville area..


11-30-2003, 05:56 AM
Well seems what we thought would be a much nicer place is turning into a disaster. Rocky has not received a letter from me since he arrived there. I sent him a money order, he's yet to receive it. I sent it a week ago. Also I called there to ask how many pics they were allowed they told me 5, so i sent them, well he hasn't received them either, then he hears from another imate that they can only receive 3 at once..UGH!!..The place is overcrowed, Rocky is in a dorm with 150 other guys, he just hates it there, We talked on the phone for the first time yesterday, that's even going to be a prob since they only have 2 phones..He told me he has to be ticket free for one year before he can go up for a transfer. So I just pray he can hold it together there, who knows maybe it will get better for him once he's there awhile..Ok I done venting for now, it helps I guess...Tess

11-30-2003, 08:06 PM
Hey Tess....sorry you are feeling so discouraged. The mail is really slow there. My husband told me he heard that the inmates sort it, so it takes a while. It took over a week for him to recieve my money order. The visitation is much better there than at LorCi...I don't know if you have kids, but they have a play area with tv, toys, etc. I called the mail room to find out exactly what I could send him in the mail. Turns out they can get care packages 3 times a year and food packages 3 times a year. It was hard for him the first few days, but he is adjusting. Tell him to hang in there....and you too. It's always hard at first, it seems. PM me if you have to vent more....I will be happy to listen, and I will say a prayer for you and yours.

01-07-2004, 12:15 PM
Hi just thought Id give you my input about MCI. My husband has been there almost 2 years and he says it ok Its not home and things do get better as you get to know the routine. I go and see him twice a year because we are from down south Texas its almost 1700 miles up there. I just hope it gets better for him. My husband says they have great programs there.So Good luck!!!!

01-11-2004, 07:13 AM
Thanks babeinohio,

I think things are getting somewhat better for Rocky now..he is working in the butchershop, he still hates the dorm thing, he may try to get into a cell, I'm planning a visit soon, long story but this will be the first time we see each other in over 27 yrs. any info u can give me on visitation there will be appreciated..Take care, Tess