View Full Version : back as it was the first time

06-06-2008, 01:41 AM
hey there how many of you who use to write to their men like every nite. Then all of a sudden you took a long pause and then you began to write as if it was the first time meaning writing him long letters day to day one again?
because i m in the situation! it was funny because i went out the night previously and i didn't tell him until at visit then he was upset a bit but then the next day i felt like writing him a letter and then after that urge to write him again came upon and now im back as if it was when i first started to get to know him. i wanted to write him as much as i can. he is happy though since ppl in there are like making comment do to his loads of mail.
at first he was saying what was up with that did i do something at the party thats why i feel guilty enough to get back to writing him again. lol..