View Full Version : Bracelet & Classification Question

05-27-2008, 05:14 AM
My wife is currently at MCI Framingham. She chose to go there for 4 months instead of serving 1 year of probation in Mass. She has no friends or family in Mass. We (her husband and 9 year old son) live in California. She has been approved to be released on the ELMO bracelet program, but she has nowhere to go. There is a family in Hampshire County that will allow her to stay at their home, but Worcester County is not aware of any means of allowing her bracelet approval and monitoring to be transferred from one county to another within Mass. I find it hard to believe that this subject has never come up before. In addition, my wife was told that she would be classified as to her risk within the MCI Framingham facility by May 6. The classification process would possibly allow her to be assigned to a more desirable section of the facility. When she inquired as to why that classification had not occured, she was told that the system was shorthanded and resources were not available to perform the classification for 60-90 days. Her sentence will be completed by that time. Any advice or recommendations on these subjects would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.