View Full Version : Parcel help (SQ)

05-27-2008, 04:48 AM
I'm pretty new to this situation having only been writing to my SQ DR penpal since Christmas 07 but we've struck up a rapport and I want to send him a copy of a book we discussed. Two problems however....

One - He's a little reticent about telling me the rules (his letters have a tendency to wander here, there and everywhere ;)) and trying to find the rules on the official site is like hunting a needle in a haystack :confused: Do I have to have some kind of permission from him to send the book before I start?

Two - I'm in the UK and have absolutely no idea if I have to order this book from an American site or if I can send from a UK site....

To say I am a little lost is an understatement so any information, guidelines, help etc would be very appreciated.