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05-26-2008, 06:09 PM
Does anyone know of any good survey sites? I really love to get his answers to the questions, but all of them that I find are either dumb or way too dirty... somethings I would rather find out in person, ya know?

05-26-2008, 07:53 PM
I have been looking around too, anyone know any?

05-26-2008, 08:24 PM
You can search for Myspace surveys and you'll get a lot of sites with surveys.

05-26-2008, 08:32 PM
Here's the 300 Question Survey... Originally posted somewhere here in PTO.

Your Favorites:

1. Color
2. Movie
3. Perfume/Cologne
4. School Year
5. Gift to Receive
6. Season
7. City
8. Name for a girl
9. Website
10. Car
11. Food
12. Song
13. Book
14. Teacher
15. Style of Clothing
16. Flower
17. Country
18. TV Show
19. Animal
20. Dessert
21. Place to go
22. Beverage
23. Poem
24. Snack food
25. Holiday
26. Candy
27. Name for a boy
28. Store
29. Place to visit
30. Salad Dressing

Growing Up:

31. Where were you born
32. Where did you live most of your childhood life
33. What was your most memorable childhood moment
34. What was you big childhood fear (i.e. the dark, monsters, etc.)
35. What did you aspire to be when you were a child
36. Is it what you are doing now… What changed
37. What was your favorite game as a child
38. Where did you go to school
39. What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you
40. What was your most embarrassing moment
41. What was the single most significant turning point in your life
42. What was your favorite memory of your mother
43. What was you favorite memory of your father
44. What was your favorite school year and why
45. What was your most embarrassing moment as a child
46. What was the hardest thing you had to learn
47. What was your favorite play toy
48. Who was your best friend when you were young
49. What was the one toy you always wanted, but never received
50. How did you spend your favorite summer vacation

About You:

51. What animal resembles you most and why
52. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be
53. If you could go back and change one thing in your past, what would it be
54. If you were granted three wishes, what would you wish for
55. If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money
56. What Disney character to you most resemble and why
57. What one thing do you want to accomplish most during your life
58. If you could break one habit forever, right now, what would it be
59. If you could have one magical power, what would it be and why
60. What three things are you most proud about

Personal Beliefs:

61. What religion, if any, do you believe in
62. What things do you feel passionate about
63. Do you believe in love at first sight
64. What’s the difference between love, romance, and sex
65. Do you believe it is proper for people to express their romantic feelings in public
66. Do you believe in God
67. Do you believe in an afterlife
68. What purpose do you believe organized religion serves
69. Do you believe life exists on other planets
70. What are your views regarding abortion
71. What do you feel about interracial couples
72. How do you feel about same sex marriages or relationships
73. What are your views on age gap relationships (more than 10 years apart)

Dreams and Desires:

74. What is your idea of a dream house
75. What is your idea of a dream car
76. What is your idea of a dream vacation
77. What would your ideal romantic weekend getaway be
78. What would your ideal birthday celebration be
79. What is your life dream
80. If you had three wishes, what would they be
81. What do you want most from life
82. If you could create the absolute, perfect job for yourself, what would it be
83. What three areas of your life do you want to improve
84. What five things do you want to accomplish or do in the next few years
85. Where do you want to be in 5 years… 10 years… 20 years
86. What are your life goals
87. What are your passions
88. If you had a million dollars how would you spend it?

Preferences & Pet Peeves:

89. Do you prefer the cold or hot… Why
90. Are you a morning or night person… Why
91. What is your biggest pet peeve
92. What if you could be a comic strip character… who would it be
93. Are you a cat-person or dog-person
94. What do you do when you feel sad or depressed
95. What do you do when you feel angry or upset
96. What three words best describe you
97. Do you save of a rainy day or live life as it comes
98. Gossip… Turn on or Turn off
99. Smoking… Turn on or Turn off
100. Weight problems… Turn on or Turn off
101. Surprises… Turn on or Turn off
102. Quiet places… Turn on or Turn off
103. Loud places… Turn on or Turn off
104. Ambition… Turn on or Turn off
105. Competition… Turn on or Turn off
106. Outdoors… Turn on or Turn off

Battle of the Sexes:

107. A man is a better lover because …
108. A woman is a better lover because…
109. A man would make a better world leader because…
110. A woman would make a better world leader because…
111. A man’s greatest fear is …
112. A woman’s greatest fear is…
113. All men like to hear…
114. All women like to hear…
115. The best thing about being a man is…
116. The best thing about being a woman is…

Romantic Inclinations:

117. What is your idea of a perfect date
118. What is you favorite romantic gesture
119. What are the top ten gifts you would love to receive
120. What is your idea of the perfect romantic gift
121. What is your idea of the perfect romantic vacation
122. In what three ways is your love most helpful and supportive to you
123. What unique thing do you love about this relationship
124. What do you consider to be romantic
125. What do you love about your partner
126. What is your idea of the perfect romantic evening from start to finish
127. What do you think true love is
128. Do you believe in soul mates
129. Do you believe in love at first sight
130. Do you believe fate plays a hand in finding love
131. Do you feel romance is an important part of a relationship… Why
132. Do you think friends make better lovers
133. What have you learned about love from other people
134. Do you think that true love can conquer all

Your Relationship With Each Other:

135. What was the most significant thing about your first kiss with your partner
136. When did you know you were in love
137. What was the most flattering thing your partner has ever said to you
138. What five attributes do you admire most in your love
139. What three things can you do to make your relationship even better
140. How is your life better since you’ve met your love
141. Do you have trouble expressing your feelings towards your partner… if so, when…
142. What are you looking forward to most when you see them
143. What one thing do you really appreciate that your partner does for you
144. How do your differences compliment each other
145. Did you do anything to try and “get” your partner before you were together
146. You love it when your partner does…
147. You love it when your partner calls you…
148. The most romantic thing your partner has ever done was…
149. The most memorable moment spent with your partner was…
150. What are the three best things about your partner…
151. What is the best thing about being with your partner…

Life Together:

152. Should couples live together before marriage
153. Is honesty always the best policy, even if it hurts
154. Do you believe marriage is forever
155. What is the most important part of a relationship
156. Do you feel comfortable asking your partner for anything
157. What role should a wife play in a marriage
158. What role should a husband play in a marriage
159. Do you know your partner’s favorite: color, movie, food and drink
160. If you could change one thing about your relationship with your partner what would it be

For Better or Worse:

161. Do you believe in marriage
162. Do you believe you should only marry once
163. What do you hope to gain from marriage
164. What do you expect from a marriage partner
165. What do you feel is the purpose of a couple getting married
166. How should we agree to handle arguments
167. If you’re mad about something how will you let me know
168. If you were having problems would you talk it out or keep it inside
169. Do you like sharing your feelings
170. What are your views about friends of the opposite sex
171. How do you feel about ex-lovers being friends
172. How important is a girl or guy’s night out
173. How would you handle your partner if they developed a problem such as gambling or alcohol
174. What would you do if your partner cheated on you
175. At what point would you consider divorcing a life mate

For Love or Money:

176. Who should hold the main financial responsibility in a marriage
177. Should a wife stay home with kids
178. What are your views about stay-at-home dads
179. How do you feel about women who make more money than men
180. What are your views towards handling money
181. Do you feel you should save everything
182. Do you feel you should splurge a little
183. How would you rate your ability to handle money
184. How would you handle a debt problem
185. What would you do if your partner became disabled and couldn’t work
186. What would you do if your partner faced long-term unemployement
187. What would you expect from that partner

Love and Children:

188. Do you want children
189. If so, how many
190. Would you want a girl or boy
191. Do you enjoy being around children
192. How many children do you think a couple should have
193. Would you raise your kids like your parents raised you
194. How would you discipline your children
195. What do you think the role of a mother is
196. What do you think the role of a father is
197. Who do you expect would be the primary care giver for your children
198. Do you think couples should argue in front of their kids
199. Do you feel couple should have displays of affection in front of their kids
200. How would you explain sex to your kids
201. What would your dating policy be towards your kids
202. How would you handle your children if they were involved in an interracial, same sex or age gap relationship
203. How would you explain about drug and alcohol
204. What are your views on the educational system
205. How would you want your children educated… Public… Private… Home or other

Love and Sex:

206. Do you feel sex is an important part of staying happy in a relationship
207. What area of your sexual relationship would you like to improve
208. If you could try just one thing with your partner what would it be
209. Do you feel 100% comfortable about yourself sexually with your partner? Why or why not?
210. How important is a partner’s sexual past to you
211. Do you feel like you know everything about your partner’s sensual desires
212. What is the difference between having sex and making love
213. Do you think sexual variety is important to a lasting relationship
214. What is your favorite form of foreplay
215. What is your favorite way to kiss
216. What is your favorite sexual position
217. What is your favorite way to be touched
218. What is your favorite way to touch your partner
219. What is your most secret sexual fantasy
220. What is your favorite place to make love
221. What is your favorite music to make love by
222. What is your favorite time of day to make love
223. What is your favorite after sex activity
224. Who do you think should be more dominant in a sexual relationship, the male or the female
225. What is the most sexually attractive feature about your partner
226. If you could improve one thing about your sexual relationship what would it be

More Favorite:

227. Band
228. Style of music
229. Comedian
230. Love song
231. Cereal
232. Sports team
233. Disney character
234. Board game
235. Word
236. Mythical creature
237. Magazine
238. Scent
239. Month
240. Pick-up line
241. Comic strip
242. Scenic place
243. Fast food
244. Quote
245. Saying
246. Place to kiss
247. Sport
248. Body part
249. Theme park
250. Author
251. Director
252. Actor
253. Movie Genre
254. Video Game
255. Work of Art
256. Constellation

More about You:

257. What do you feel is your best personality trait
258. What do you feel is your worst character flaw
259. Do you regret anything you’ve done in the past
260. Are there any opportunities you wish you hadn’t passed on
261. If you could write a book based on your life, what would the title of it be
262. If you were to spend an entire day alone what would you do
263. What is the worst job experience you’ve ever had
264. What is the best job experience you’ve ever had
265. What things irritate you
266. If you could change one thing about the world we live in, what would it be
267. Would you rather own your own company or work for someone else
268. How important is your career to you
269. If you had to choose a different career what would it be
270. What do you like to do to cheer yourself up if you are feeling depressed about something
271. Do you feel your life has gone the way you wanted it to
272. Overall, how would you rate your achievements in life
273. How do you feel about speaking in public
274. What is your worst fear
275. If you could change the way our government was run or handled, what would you change about it
276. How do you feel about our current political leaders
277. Do you feel the end justifies the means
278. What was the worst nightmare you’ve ever had
279. What was the best dream you’ve ever had
280. What was the scariest moment you’ve ever experienced
281. How do you feel your relationship is with your family
282. Do you agree with the way your parents raised you… why or why not…
283. If you could have been born in any country, where would it have been
284. What is the best way for you to relieve stress
285. Would you consider yourself a country or city person
286. What astrological sign are you… Do you feel it resembles your actual personality
287. What do you feel is the most annoying habit you have
288. Do you feel you are good with people
289. Are you naturally extroverted or introverted
290. Do you feel you tend too judge people to quickly
291. Would you rather have many friends or just a small group of close friends
292. What is your favorite way to celebrate holidays
293. How would you rate your desire to keep things tidy
294. What has been the most influential experience in your life
295. Who has been the most influential person in your life
296. What is the one life lesson that you have learned that you wish everyone else knew as well
297. If you could eliminate one negative aspect from the world, what would it be
298. If you could incorporate one positive aspect into the world, what would it be
299. If you could change you name, what would you change it too
300. How has answering these questions helped to improve our relationship

05-26-2008, 10:42 PM
Yea... go to Google and type in "myspace survey", "random questions survey", or anything of the sort. I've done major searches but unfortunately my man and I LOVE surveys, so we're pretty much out of questions until I find the raddest site ever that has a whole bunch of questions that we've never answered. *prays*

06-02-2008, 11:52 PM
Thanx for the help guys! I am working on the 300 questions right now.. seems like a lot, but it's fun... thanx!

06-03-2008, 01:45 AM
I found a survey on this site somewhere, called 37 questions... I sent it to my guy and he filled it out with answers that blew my mind. He said he enjoyed it. I shoulda sent him the 300 questions!

06-03-2008, 01:45 AM
Thanks for the 300. I reckon we can have some fun with those:)

06-03-2008, 11:32 AM
We pass these back and forth all the time .. Ive got 4 or 5 from him already ... he really enjoys doing 'em ...

I do like others and search myspace surveys .. or .. you can google 'about me' survey and it'll pull up a few different ones.

Some of 'e m I change up ... add too ... take away from ... kinda make it the way I want it to be! :)

06-03-2008, 03:13 PM
Smoly Hokes! ...

06-03-2008, 08:32 PM
Here is a website that I gave to someone else because they asked about quizzes. (

These are quizzes but I think some are in survey form.

Hope I helped! :)

06-04-2008, 01:26 PM
Five thousand question survey broken down to 65 parts. Here is the link.

06-04-2008, 01:50 PM
Flippin' 'eck.... Enough questions there to keep me going for a while :D

3yearsstrong 5000 Questions
Five thousand question survey broken down to 65 parts.

06-04-2008, 01:53 PM
Five thousand question survey broken down to 65 parts. Here is the link.

I clicked on that link and it told me I had two people, that had crushes on me, from right here in my own home town! ... w0w!

Cookies Babe
06-04-2008, 05:14 PM
NoAirMan, aren't you lucky!! Now I bet if you send all of us a special code a movie will pop up on yoru screen showing you just who your secret crushes are and what they're doing!!

Thanks for the surveys guys. My man loves these but I hate the ones with all the "high school" questions or too many things about the color of the bedroom or job duties. Don't wanna depress him!

06-16-2008, 12:13 PM
i like to get random questions from this book i have called intellictual forplay it has really good questions. and i also have another book called "The Questions to ask before u jump into bed" it has lots of fun questions to ask to!!!