View Full Version : Detainer? What does that mean?

05-26-2008, 05:46 AM
Some posted a thread that her husband was granted parole with a release date of June 8 with a detainer. What is a detainer, could that be something that doesnt release him completely? Will be be met at the walls unit by another correctionla officer to an old offense?

05-26-2008, 08:32 AM
A detainer is sort of a notice by some law enforcement agency that has a warrant for a persons arrest to another that has that person in detention. It seems to work a little differently depending on where they are locked up. If they are in county jail then the jail will hold that person for (I think) up to ten days past when they might otherwise be released waiting for the agency with the detainer to come and pick them up. I have not heard if TDC holding someone past the date that they are to be released but I do think that they give notice to the agency with the detainer letting them know the release date allowing them to be there to take them into custody on that day.

05-27-2008, 08:28 PM
thomcat - This is my experience with a detainer:

My man was sentenced to 10 months in State Jail last March (2007). He was supposed to be home on January 4 of this year. We did not know he had a detainer on him. When I went to pick him up on his release date, I went in, signed papers, gave them my driver license and gave them his clothes to change into. I was told to go wait in the car and he would be out soon. All of the other released inmates came out, and I was the only one left. Soon after, the lady at the front desk came out and told me he would not be leaving with me because he had a detainer on him. So instead of him leaving with me, the County came to pick him up. He had another case pending from before he was originally locked up. He was charged May 2007 but did not go to court until he was moved backed to the County. He was sentenced 3 years to TDCJ. he is in Hutchins serving for the case he had the detainer for. Luckily, he was given his back time from State Jail (minus 2 months).

So, you probably want to get some more clarification on how the detainer will affect his parole/release. I would probably call the IPO. Do you know where he has a detainer?