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05-26-2008, 05:02 AM
Today was the first time I have ever been to the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, TX. Very pretty unit compared to most. I have been to several other units as well and by far Wynne has surpassed the rest in almost every aspect.

Upon arrival at approximately 12:30 in the afternoon, the line to have your vehicle inspected was only 5 cars long and the wait time was very short. 10 minutes at most. More impressively, I've waited longer at Coffield (sometimes almost an hour) and the staff at Wynne do a more thourough inspection. Go figure! I was pleasantly surprised by this and the fact that although the staff there at Wynne was not overly friendly no one was rude or overly suspicious either. Parking was simple and I didn't have to park too far away from my destination.

Being my first visit there, I was not familiar with the units protocol and visitor routines and had to ask questions rather than being told, as has been the case at other units but everyone seemed nice enough. One guard I had to ask about the red plastic playcard I received at the main gate, didn't know if I was supposed to keep the card in my vehicle window or take it with me to the second gate. His comment was, "I really don't know. They change things around here all the time. Just take it with you."

I did and it was taken from me at the second gate. Registration didn't take long. They do seem cautious about dress code as one lady arrived in what they considered shorts and had to be approved by another officer. I thought the clothing looked more like "capri" pants but since they were a tad above the knee she was subjected to the inspection. I do not believe she was allowed in.

In the visitors waiting area, the guard there doesn't call out your inmates name and window number very loud and it's hard to hear over the noise of visitation which is frustrating but despite this, you don't seem to have to wait too long. My friend is in Ad-Seg and this takes them longer it seems (at any unit) to bring the inmate up. I waited about 50 minutes while everyone else seemed to wait 10 or less but I would gladly wait the 50 vs. the typical 1 1/2 hours to 2 at Coffield.

Some of the visitation windows do not have numbers and as I said before the guard doesn't say the name and window number loud enough and a guard doesn't walk you to your window as they do at Coffield. So not only was I looking for a window number when the secured visit areas are not numbered, I was looking for the wrong number. Also, somethiing else that is really bothersome is the fact that it's very loud and by design you have to stand up and get close to the inmate to hear them talking. I stood almost the entire two hours just so I could barely carry a conversation. About the last half hour, around 3:30 the vistation area cleared out considerably and we could finally visit in peace without shouting or standing up or me saying, "Huh?What? I can't hear you!" evey few sentences.

Vending machines seemed well stocked but one wasn't working.

Also, if using public restrooms bothers you, I strongly encourage you to use a facility before you arrive at Wynne. I used the restroom in the registration area and vistation area (I have an unusually small bladder.) and both appeared clean but reeked of old, stale urine so badly it was almost nauseating.

Over all this unit is the best I've been to, with exception to the restrooms. Most of the inmates I visit are segged (in Ad-Seg) so much of what applies to and seems to get others in trouble ie., accidental touching or touching inappropriately, contraband etc. are not issues with me as we can't touch and do not have any kind of opportunity to pass anything back and forth.

05-26-2008, 05:38 PM
I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit! :D At least this experience is better than the last facility. Hopefully, they will all be positive experiences for you both!