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Morganna McGee
05-25-2008, 04:38 PM
Tell me if you have had a worst visiting day than I had.

It was the 16th of May and I had taken an extra two hours with getting ready for my "date" with my guy at Plainfield. I took an hour on my make-up when it normally only takes me 10 minutes. I even added mouse and hairspray to my hairdo when I normally just blow dry it and go. After trying on four different outfits I finally got one that satisfied me. I had stopped at my job and bought some road munchies (grapes and some bananas) and a water. Off I went on my way north to my baby.:D

On the way I have to pick up my car-pooler who lives in the same town as my mom and my future mother-in-law who I also picked up so she can go see her boy. I stopped briefly at my moms and told her if I werenít too tired I would stop in on my way home as well. Off the three of us girls went to see our boys. As I was coming to the junction of 67 from 57 I had to stop at the red flashing light. I saw that there was a Peterbuilt coal truck further down 67 coming from the south to the north. I had ample time to get onto 67 N and accelerate before he would come upon us. Next thing I see is that he didnít even attempt to slow down or downshift and was right on my (_!_) blaring his horn and scaring two elderly women half to death---not to mention me. I had to think fast, thinking he had hot breaks and couldnít stop in time, I swerved hard into the right hand shoulder and almost into the ditch to get away from him. I couldnít go any faster because a mini van was ahead of me! But the damn Peterbuilt actually slowed down for the mini van! :eek: I got back on the road, got close enough to the truck and got his license plate number. I stopped at the regular stop I always make to let my car-pooler smoke, I went in and asked a group of gentlemen sitting at a table "does 911 work here?" they laughed and said that it did. I called the dispatcher who was very nice and gave him all the information and what had happened and he said he would send out more units. I hanged up the phone and said "I should of slammed on my brakes and sued the ba$t***" which made the old guys laugh. Onward we went and within the next 20 miles we actually counted 6 more squad cars! YES! :thumbsup:

Well we got up there, his mom alerted him on what almost happened. I rarely tell him things he canít do anything about except to worry over nothing. But he let it go after I told him it was a near miss and that we were just fine. His mom actually said I was a good defensive driver---totally shocked me too. We had a nice visit of almost three sweet hours and I forced a lot of food onto him. When we were leaving he said he would call to see if I got home all right. After dropping off the two ladies at their homes and going past my motherís house and seeing she wasnít home I decided to go home myself. Again back on 57 south I had this wild urge to stop and grab a burger---but I really had to resist it. Iím dieting so I thought it was my diet mind begging for calories. Onward I went towards home. Outside Mackey on 57 S I had to stop for a flagger, the northbound lane had the right of way. So when we got the "go slowly" I pulled into the lane behind a small compact car. We had just reached a good 30 mph when I hear a loud screech, bang went my head on the steering wheel, and I slammed on my breaks while turning my steering wheel sharply to the right, away from the guy in front of me because a sports car was ramming me from behind. I get the car onto the shoulder and put it in park.

The driver of the sports car runs up to my car says sheís an EMT and holds my head back. I asked her to call 911 and she does. Ambulance takes me to the hospital, tow truck takes my precious 04 Dodge Intrepid SXT to the impound lot 45 miles from home, and the police tells me that my insurance card had expired (I forgot to put the new one in the car). At the hospital I had a CAT scan done, then another CAT scan with dye done on my back. The doctor comes into my partition to tell me I had thrown out my back and neck but that I need to see a surgeon about a 7.6 cm growth in my abdomen. Totally floored me right there. So I get released, my son takes me home, and I wait all night for my guy to call. No call. Iím really upset by now and scared.

Next morning I call CBS only to find out that my account was blocked again due to no funds! I find out that my guyís ex-step-daughter had been calling her mother in Texas and was being billed from MY account. OkÖafter a week I finally get it cleared up. Even after it was shut down and I had to go to my phone company for them to fax CBS proof that I owned the number at the address I had listed. It got ugly for a week. I was told that I would be reimbursed the lost funds that was taken from me but Iím still waiting for that to be confirmed 20 hours later. Gonna give it another 24 hours before calling them again asking where my money is. They told me that this was the first time this has ever happened and had to send it to home office for their decision on what to do.

Now Iím just waiting to hear from the surgeon about my PET scan I had done Friday. Iím out of work until after the surgery. My short-term disability that I pay through my job wonít kick in until after the surgeon contacts them June 3rd. Iím seeing a chiropractor 4 times a day for 4 slipped vertebras in my spine---not too bad, just two in my neck and two in my middle back. And I contacted a lawyer because this girls insurance wantís to only offer me $3,000 for pain and suffering and the cost to fix my car ($2,800 damage to my beloved cars rear end).

So tell meÖshould I have stayed home?

05-25-2008, 06:25 PM
No Morganna you should not have stayed home. You had a wonderful visit. Just think of it this way, satin for some reason was on your tail that day; he couldn't get you before the visit so he said the heck with it, I'll get her afterward. The accident may have happened whether you were visiting or not. In all, I'm glad that you are OK and were not seriously hurt. Take your time recovering so that your loved one can see you again. I hope that your lawyer will work actively on your case because you should be compensated more than $3,000; heck your not a rag-doll. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

05-25-2008, 06:40 PM

Im so sorry you endured all this....i dont even know what to say. Should you ahve stayed home.... it probably seems like it huh? But thoughs three sweet hours were great! I hope your surgery goes well and your honey calls soon.

05-25-2008, 06:43 PM sounds like fate was out to get you. Be thankful that you werent hurt worse than what you are. At least you had a good visit tho. I, too, would press for more than 3 grand. You should go after them for lost wages, etc. Thats what insurance is for. Bad luck always comes in numbers....hopefully you used up all your bad luck for the year :)

You take care and get well soon !! :thumbsup:

05-25-2008, 06:46 PM
Whew, I thought I had some bad visit stories. But, hey it dont count as a bad visit because it happened after you got home (sorta) do NOT let them swindle you out of the insurance money you deserve. I got hit a long time ago in my Cadillac, by a girl bending to turn her radio channel, I wasnt seriously hurt, but the inpact knocked my stereo in my lap and totalled my car. I had just had new tires and about 6,000 work of enhancements done to my car. Her insurance totalled my car, and I knew that I should get payment for the stuff I had done to it, I jumped thru hoops to get copies of the tire reciepts and other repairs. Her insurance TOLD me to get the reciepts and they will work it in with the payout. That didnt mean shit to them after I done all that. After all the headache, they told me that her insurance only pays for things that are standard on the car.

I didnt get shit from them but the value of my car 3300, and my back is screwed up from it and they tried to tell me she didnt hit me hard enough. DO NOT let this ride, contact a attorney, NOW!!!! They used to have limitations on suits, which used to be 5 years (may be diff in your state). I tried sue her less than a year or so after it happened and they said I could do NOTHING, that the statue had already run out. If I had a good lawyer I could have squashed that probably, because when I seen the dr. they told me my injuries were consistent with the damage to the car. But a when it happened and I went to the dr. they tried to say I had menstrual cramps.

NEWSFLASH: I have been a female as long as I can remember and I think I would know if I was having menstrual cramps. Plus, I have never had them in my back. I would look into a good lawyer not a ambulance chaser or you will get burned. My cousin got a high class attorney and he sucked the life out of her settlement. Good luck and hope you feel better.

Morganna McGee
05-26-2008, 01:04 PM
Thank you all. I have contacted an attorney who refuses to settle unless I have been back to work for 4 months---what he said. I feel real confident with him and will fight for all I can. I see the surgeon for the growth in my abdomen on June 3rd so will keep you all posted. I hope all goes well and that it's only a cyst and not cancerous. I'm going up to see him this Friday and hope that we can make it last a long time. I'll keep you all posted. Keep the faith and stay strong.


05-26-2008, 05:48 PM
I'm so glad you had a good visit! Use a good lawyer and get all you can for the pain and suffering plus loss wages.
What I going to say is: Everything happens for a reason!
God Bless!

05-27-2008, 01:02 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, but I do want to say that, I enjoy your writing. It's quite interesting, to say the least! ... :thumbsup:

05-27-2008, 02:43 PM
Thank you for sharing and here's the silver lining! At least it happend AFTER your visit so you still got to see your baby!! :) Ok, well I tried... I hope it worked...a little...

Thank God you are ok and it was minor. Take care of yourself and stay Blessed,


05-27-2008, 11:46 PM
Hope soon you feel better! and NO, visits and retarded drivers are 2 different things! we all know time that we spend with our loved ones are priceless! and it was not your fault that someone has hit you!