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05-24-2008, 05:42 PM
ok so i called my guys mom today to see if she wanted to go to visitation tomorrow. she hasnt been in the past few weeks since he got moved, she hasnt talked to him either. so she says she will go. then she said you going to come pick me up? i was like yeah ill come pick you up. then i told her how me and our duaghter went today to see him too.that was a hint hint to her that ive already drove one time this weekend. but she said nothing about driving. i mean i know i called and invited her but if i didnt she would NOT call me and ask me. i dont know why, his family feels like should make all the effort to keep communication between us while he is gone.i mean i dont expect much they dont do anything for him i just want to make him happy since he wants to see his mama so bad... anyways i just am kinda ticked that she didnt offer to drive. she has a super nice vehicle which is huge so im sure it uses a lot of gas, but i have an suv too so its not too much different. i just feel like im raising her granddaughter by myself and i have NEVER asked her for anything nor has she GIVEN me anything more than a few goodwill outfits. i just feel like the least she could do is offer to drive to give me a break for once. let me save that $20 for the baby. maybe im being childish, maybe this is petty but this is how i feel. i dont ask them for anything cause they have never offered. i dont want to start asking cause what if we break up and then i dont want them to say what all they DID for me. but should i ask her about driving tomorrow or just let it go and drive since i was going either way. sorry this is more of a vent than anything :angry: ok im off my soap box now and i feel better :)

05-24-2008, 05:48 PM
I dont think youre being childish at all, if it were me i might ask my man to talk to her about giving me a break or just helping with gas?? with gas prices any thing would help.

best wishes

sarah moats

05-24-2008, 05:52 PM
well i know he understands how it is he said today at visitation call mom and see if she can use some of her gas for once i dont know well see how it goes in the morning